Amendment C183: Moreland Parking Implementation Plan

About Amendment C183

Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy.

Moreland Council has prepared Amendment C183 to the Moreland Planning Scheme to reduce car parking and encourage sustainable transport in new developments.

The amendment supports the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) that was adopted by Council in March 2018 and seeks to improve sustainable transport and better manage car parking and traffic congestion in Moreland over the next decade and beyond.

Panel Hearing

An independent Planning Panel is due to consider submissions received as part of Amendment C183 on 24 and 25 February 2020.

The following documents are made available as part of the Panel hearing process:

Expert Witness Report - Chris Coath, GTA Consultants, for Council) (PDF 9Mb)

Consultation and Submissions

Submissions closed on Monday, 11 November 2019. Thank you to those who made a submission. Council considered a report on the Amendment at the 11 December 2019 Council meeting and resolved to seek the appointment of a panel to consider submissions to the Amendment.

View the agenda and minutes for the 11 December Council meeting which includes the report on the submissions. 

Copies of the submissions to the amendment received by Council can be viewed under 'Key Documents' on the right hand side of this page.

What will the amendment do?

Amendment C183 seeks to introduce changes to car parking requirements for new developments in designated Activity Centres and Neighbourhood Centres by applying three new Parking Overlays:

  • Parking Overlay 1 – Applies to the Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy Activity Centres so that a minimum car parking requirement is no longer specified in new development, and instead a maximum rate of allowed car parking is specified, above which a permit is required.

  • Parking Overlay 2 – Applies to 12 Neighbourhood Centres and reduces minimum car parking requirements by 20 per cent.

  • Parking Overlay 3 – Applies to all other land zoned for commercial or mixed use. No change is made to minimum car parking requirements, but guidelines are introduced to incorporate sustainable transport design in new developments.

Download the fact sheet (PDF 916Kb) to find out more about Amendment C183.

Why is Council seeking to introduce changes to car parking requirements in new developments?

Moreland’s population is projected to grow by 50,000 people and about 23,000 households by 2036. To ensure that Moreland’s activity centres can accommodate population growth and remain walkable, liveable and economically viable, Council needs to better manage car use and local traffic congestion.

By encouraging limits on car parking and sustainable transport design in new developments, this will encourage future populations in Moreland to adopt sustainable travel habits. It will also take the pressure off existing road users by improving car parking and reducing traffic congestion in Moreland over time.

Amendment C183 only relates to new development and is just one of several Council initiatives to improve sustainable travel and better manage on-street car parking in Moreland through the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS).

What land in Moreland is affected by Amendment C183?

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View the amendment documents

All of the amendment documents are available to download from the Key Documents section on this webpage.

You may also inspect the Amendment, any documents that support the Amendment and the explanatory report about the Amendment, free of charge, at all of Council's Customer Service Centres and Libraries.

Please be aware that all submissions to Amendments are public documents that must be made available by any person as part of the planning process. This includes all personal names, telephone and address details, unless these are specifically requested to be deleted prior to the submission being made publicly available.


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