Amendment C169: Advertising and club signage in open space reserves

Status update

Council Decision on the Amendment

A report on Amendment C169 will be presented to Council at the 12 June 2019 Council meeting. You can view a copy of the Officers report contained in the meeting agenda that will be made available on Friday 7 June 2019.

If you require a copy of the agenda, please contact Council’s Governance Unit on 9240 1115 or refer to Council’s website:

Panel Report

Council has received the report of the Panel appointed to consider the Amendment.

View a copy of the Panel Report. (PDF 994Kb)

The recommendations of the Panel will be considered by Council at a future Council meeting. 

Please contact Council's Strategic Planning Unit on 9240 1111 for further information.  All submitters to the Amendment will be notified of the date of the Council meeting.

Panel and Directions Hearings

Panel Hearing

A Panel Hearing was held at Council offices on 5 September 2018. 

Directions Hearing

A Directions Hearing was held at the offices of Planning Panels Victoria, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne on 9 August 2018.


Council is committed to supporting local sporting clubs. As well as providing recreational and health benefits to the community, many club events also contribute to Moreland by creating a sense of community and a place to gather, socialise and connect. Council understands that sporting clubs need to appropriately advertise their club and the organisations that sponsor them.

Due to the existing planning scheme restrictions, the majority of existing signage surrounding sports grounds are in breach of the Moreland Planning Scheme. Currently all promotional signs are prohibited under the applicable 'Category 4' advertising controls of the Public Park and Recreation Zone in the Moreland Planning Scheme.

About Amendment C169

This amendment proposes to permit advertising signs by changing the advertising sign category of most sporting reserves to Category 1, and exempt major sporting grounds from requiring a planning permit for advertising signs.

All sporting reserves will still need a permit from Council Recreation Services. 

What do these proposed changes mean for sporting clubs?

Sporting reserves in Category 1

A permit from Council Recreation Services will be required for all signage within Sporting reserves in Category 1.

However, if a club wishes to display more than 8 square metres of signage, or the sporting reserve is in a Heritage Overlay, the club will need to apply for a planning permit, in addition to the permit from Council Recreation Services.

To view the draft guidelines for signs in open spaces, download the Draft Sporting Facilities, Grounds and Pavilions User Guide (PDF 975Kb) and refer to Section 5.7 of this document. 

Premier reserves

A permit from Council Recreation Services will be required for all signage within Premier reserves.

However, if the sporting reserve is in a Heritage Overlay, the club will need to apply for a planning permit, in addition to the permit from Council Recreation Services.

For a listing of the sporting reserves in Category 1, premier reserves, and reserves with a Heritage Overlay, download Amendment C169 Information brochure (PDF 596Kb).

Submissions to Amendment C169

Submissions closed on Friday 27 April 2018. Thank you to those who made a submission. Council considered submissions at their meeting on 13 June 2018.  At this meeting Council resolved to seek the appointment of an independent panel to consider submissions to the amendment.

View the agenda for the 13 June 2018 Council meeting which includes a report on the submissions.  Copies of the submissions received by Council can be viewed below:

Further information

For further information please phone Council’s Strategic Planning Team on 9240 1175 or email Strategic Planning.

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