Property in Mixed Use Zone to remain in Mixed Use Zone

Current zone Mixed Use Zone
Proposed zone Mixed Use Zone

This property will:

  • Remain in the Mixed Use Zone, and
  • Be subject to new Design and Development Overlay (Schedule 24) building design controls.

What does this mean?

Building envelope

  • The maximum building height for new development will change from a discretionary 13.5 metres (up to 4 storeys) to a mandatory 13.5 metres (up to 4 storeys).
  • Buildings built to front street boundary.
  • Side and rear setbacks to provide daylight access, outlook and natural ventilation for dwellings.
  • ResCode applies to any property next to General Residential or Neighbourhood Residential Zone.

Building frontages

  • Display windows and/or entrances at ground floor.
  • Awnings over footpath.
  • Buildings to respond to fine-grain character.
  • Reduced impact of vehicle access and car parking on public realm.


  • Overlooking minimised through building design.
  • Minimum 2 metre balcony width.


View the full Design and Development Overlay provisions (DOC 4Mb).