Swimming pools and spas

Children under the age of five are at highest risk of both fatal and non-fatal drownings in Victoria and on average four children die from drowning each year.

It is your responsibility as the owner, occupier or tenant of a property with a pool or spa to ensure it is safe at all times. Any swimming pool or spa fence, barrier, gate or door must be maintained in good working order.

It is an offence to prop open any gate or door providing access to a swimming pool or spa. 

Construction, maintenance and safety requirements for pools or spas are regulated by the building code.

The Pool and Spa Regulations 2019

 New laws introduced by the Victorian Government require all pool and spa owners to undertake the following:

The new laws introduced 26 November 2019 by the Victorian Government require all pool and spa owners to undertake the following:

Step 1 - Register your pool or spa by 1 June 2020 

 Register your permanent pool or spa

 Register your relocatable pool or spa

Step 2 – Safety Barrier Inspection by a Registered Inspector

Step 3 – Submit a compliance certificate - Must be a Form 23 under the building amendment regulations 2019 do not upload certificates of final inspection

Upload Form 23 compliance certificate to Council

Upload non compliance certificate to Council - pool inspectors only

 These new laws came into effect on 1 December 2019.

Step 1 - Register your pool or spa by 1 June 2020

All permanent and relocatable swimming pool and spa owners are required to register their pool or spa with their local council by 1 June 2020.

Attach all relevant building permit documents including the final inspection or occupancy permit, if you have them. These documents are important to help determine the relevant safety barrier standard.

A once off registration and search fee of $79.00 applies.

Once you have registered your pool or spa you will receive an email from Council advising the date your pool was built and when you are required to lodge a certificate of compliance to verify that your pool or spa is safe.

Failure to register may result in fines or legal action.

Step 2 – Safety Barrier Inspection

Property owners will need to have their swimming pool and spa barriers inspected and certified by a registered Building Surveyor or registered Building Inspector.

The requirements for compliance will vary depending on the date of the pool or spa construction. Further information and self-assessment checklists are available from the Victorian Building Authority’s website.

Once issued, you must provide a copy of the Certificate of Compliance to Council within 30 days of the date of issue and prior to the date specified by Council in your registration confirmation email.

Step 3 – Submit a compliance certificate

Owners must submit the compliance certificate provided by the inspector to council within 30 days of it being issued.

A lodgement fee applies. 

You must ensure your pool and spa barrier is reinspected and re-certified every 4 years.

Are you compliant? You can check

While there will be stricter laws on managing pool and spa compliance, the requirement to have safety barriers hasn’t changed. You were already expected to have safety barriers in place.

You can check if your pool or spa barriers are compliant using the Victorian Building Authority’s 3 self-assessment checklists. They reflect the standards and regulations that are applied to your pool or spa, depending on your installation date. Choose the one applicable on the VBA's website.

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