Car sharing and car pooling, ride share and taxis

Can using a car be a sustainable travel option?

Getting around by walking and bike riding are Council’s most-favoured travel choices as they are environmentally friendly, space efficient, and promote healthy living.

Public transport is the next most-favoured option as it can move many people at the same time and be used more easily for longer distance travel.

Cars and other motor vehicles can provide a convenient form of transport, particularly for trips to areas poorly served by public transport, or when people need to carry items that are difficult to transport in other ways. We encourage every person to think about how motor vehicle travel fits into their life and to find ways to minimise these trips.

Council recognises that most people need to make at least some trips by motor vehicle and supports car access, which includes car sharing and car pooling, as the best available option for these journeys.

Car access is more sustainable than car ownership

In suburbs where many destinations are within walking distance, there are nearby bike routes, and public transport services are good and reliable, people may not need to use a car every day.

However, when a car owner chooses to walk, bike or catch public transport instead of driving, their car can still be a source of environmental and other issues. An unused car still occupies a parking spot, and can emit oils and other pollutants on the road, down the drain and into local creeks. Owning a car also involves paying registration, maintenance and insurance.

Services that provide the mobility of a car to everyone without requiring everyone to own a car are an important part of the sustainable travel mix.

Car share

Car share programs offer short term access to a motor vehicle via an internet or telephone booking service. Access to a fleet of cars is shared among multiple car share members.

These services mean that people who don’t own cars are able to access vehicles close to their homes for trips such as large shopping trips, deliveries or holidays. Members typically have access to a range of vehicles including pet-friendly cars, cars with child seats, vans, and luxury vehicles.

Car share providers operating in Moreland include:

Each car share program is slightly different:

  • Some car share programs offer a variety of fuel efficient, safe vehicles maintained by the car share operator.
  • Other car share programs provide a booking system that links residents who own cars and rarely use them with residents who want to use a car but don’t own one. The latter provide an incentive for car owners to use their car less, and mobility options for non-car owners.

Car pooling

Car pool programs attempt to connect people who are travelling in the same direction, at the same time, and encourage some of them to travel as car passengers rather than car drivers. Journeys to and from workplaces with regular start and finish times are well suited to car pooling.

There are several apps and websites to help you find people in Melbourne to car pool with:

These services can be used for a range of car trips, from setting up a regular commute to tourists organising one-off road trip between cities. Register your journey, search for a match and get to know your potential travel partner.

Taxis and ride hailing apps

Taxis and ride hailing apps such as Uber offer an origin to destination travel service even when you can’t drive. The same vehicle provides car transport for many people. When used occasionally or as a back up plan they can play a part in the sustainable travel mix.

Taxi ranks on Sydney Road provide a safer place to hail a ride home.