Service permit

Parking changes delayed until COVID-19 pandemic ends


Moreland Council's implementation of the new planned parking restrictions in some areas of Moreland has been delayed until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
You do not need to apply for a parking permit to park in your street at this time, as Council parking officers are not enforcing timed restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In addition, the planned changes to parking restrictions in the Brunswick and Coburg areas has been delayed until after the pandemic.
Further information will be available for residents and businesses in the affected areas soon.

What is a service permit?

A service permit allows tradespeople, removalists and other service providers to park in a time-restricted area, who are servicing our residents.

Where can they park?

This permit provides all day parking options in areas with parking restrictions for the dates that the services are being carried out for a period of up to 4 weeks.

Permits are generally issued for the street on which the residence is located, or the parking permit area (if one exists) in which the residence is located.

Depending on the location of the residence, we may issue the permit for another location (e.g. adjoining street) at its discretion and in discussion with the applicant. 

Who can apply?

Any resident who is eligible for visitor parking permits should apply for these instead as they are lower cost and do not require evidence of the service occurring at your property.

If you are a resident who is not eligible for visitor parking permits, you should apply for a service permit when you have a tradesperson, removalist, etc. that requires all day parking on your street.

To be eligible for a service permit you must:

  • Live in a property in Moreland
  • Produce evidence of your residency in Moreland
  • Produce evidence of tradespeople, removalists etc servicing your residency (e.g. quote or receipt of services) that specify the dates when the work will take place

The service provider can apply for this parking permit on your behalf, their application must include a letter or email from the resident providing consent.


Council will be issuing a new permit for health care workers and other professionals who do home visits to clients, so exempt them from restrictions of 2P or longer when doing these visits. These permits will be the same price as residential permits.

How much do service permits cost?

Service permits cost $20 per week, for a maximum for 4 weeks.

Is there a limit to how many service permits I can apply for?

You can purchase up to 3 permits within a 12-month period, beginning from the start of the first permit.

Permits are valid for the dates which the work is expected, for up to 4 weeks. If more permits or a longer time period is required (i.e extensive works at the property) you can contact us to request a work zone.

How to apply

To apply for a service parking permit you will need one of the following documents as proof of residency at the property address:

  • Driver's licence (with current address)
  • Rates notice
  • Lease agreement, or
  • Utility bill.

A mobile phone bill is not accepted as proof of residency.


Moreland Council's implementation of the new planned parking restrictions in some areas of Moreland has been delayed until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Once this service has re-commenced you will be able to apply online for a service permit. Make sure you have your supporting documentation ready.