Residential and visitor parking permits

Who can apply

If you live in a street with timed parking restrictions, such as a 2-hour parking limit, your household may be eligible for a parking permit.

Where you can park with a permit

With a residential or visitor parking permit you can park in timed parking areas in your street except for restrictions below 30mins and prohibited areas such as No Stopping and Loading Zones.

A permit does not guarantee there will be a parking space available in your street.

A permit is only valid for the street of issue on your parking permit and in your application form.

The Parking Management Policy (DOC 184Kb) provides further details.

Type of parking permits

Residential Parking permit

Council can issue up to 2 Residential Parking permits per household.

However, if your property has a driveway crossover, then you are eligible for 1 permit only. A driveway crossover is an access point which enables vehicles to travel from a road, usually across a nature strip and/or footpath, to a property.

If you live on a corner property, a permit can be issued for either the front street or side street. If you have 2 permits, both permits must be issued to the same street.

Properties are not eligible for a residential parking permit where approval of a planning permit for subdivision was issued after 31 August 2011 and this results in an increase in the number of separate occupancies on that site.

Visitor Parking permit

A Visitor Parking permit is available for short stay visitors. Only residents who live in a street with timed parking restrictions can apply for a visitor parking permit.

Visitor permits are sold in books of 10 scratch tickets. Each ticket allows the visitor to park for that day only. The ticket must be displayed on the dashboard with the date visible.

You can also apply for a weekly visitor permit.

Visitor Parking permits are not limited to use in the current year and do not have an expiry date.

Properties are not eligible for a visitor parking permit where approval of a planning permit for subdivision was issued after 31 August 2011 and this results in an increase in the number of separate occupancies on that site.

Service permit

This permit is available for residents who aren’t eligible for a Visitor Parking Permit.
It’s aimed to accommodate tradespeople, removalists and other service providers who are servicing Moreland residents.

This permit provides all day parking options in areas with parking restrictions for the dates that the services are being carried out for a period of up to 4 weeks.

The service provider can apply for this parking permit on your behalf, their application must include a letter or email from the resident providing consent.

To be eligible for a Service Permit you must:

  • Reside in in a property in Moreland
  • Produce evidence of your residency in Moreland
  • Produce evidence of tradespeople, removalists etc servicing your residency (e.g. quote or receipt of services) that specify the dates when the work will take place

Yearly limit

Households are eligible to purchase up to 3 permits within a 12 month period, beginning from the commencement of the first permit.

Permits are valid for the dates which the work is expected, for up to 4 weeks. If more permits or a longer time period is required (e.g extensive works at the property) you can contact Council to request a work zone.

Where this permit applies

Permits are generally issued for the street on which the residence is located, or the parking permit area (if one exists) in which the residence is located.

Depending on the location of the residence, Council may issue the permit for another location (e.g. adjoining street) at its discretion and in discussion with the applicant.

Apply online for a Service permit

Where to display a parking permit

Put your Residential Parking permit in a holder provided by Council in the lower left-hand side of your car's windscreen.

Put a visitor parking permit(scratch ticket) facing up on the left-hand side of the dashboard in the visitor's vehicle. A visitor parking permit is the responsibility of the Residential Parking permit holder.


Fees for 2019-20

Permit type Full fee Concession*
First permit $41.20 $20.60
Second permit $116.50 $58.50
Visitor permit (book of 10 daily scratch tickets) $24.20 $12.10
Weekly visitor permit $12.40 $6.20
Service permit $20 per week N/A

*This applies to Centrelink cards (e.g. Pensioner and Health care card) and Department of Veterans Affairs Card holders only.

Six monthly pro-rata fees are payable for permit applications received after 28 February.

How to apply for a parking permit

What you need

To apply for a residential or visitor parking permit you will need one the following documents as proof of residency at the property address:

  • Driver's licence (with current address)
  • Rates notice
  • Lease agreement, or
  • Utility bill.

Please note, a mobile phone bill is not accepted as proof of residency.

By email

  1. Complete the Residential Parking permit application form (DOC 73Kb)
  2. Scan the completed application form and your proof of residency.
  3. Submit the application form with scanned attachments and proof of residency.

When your application has been processed, you will receive an invoice via post (email, if requested), which you can pay online or in person.

By mail or visit Council

  1. Complete the Residential Parking permit application form (DOC 73Kb).
  2. Lodge your completed application form, proof of your residency and the registration fee at a Council Customer Service Centre. Alternatively, mail the application form, a copy of proof of residency, and a cheque or money order to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058.

What happens after you apply

Once your application is received, Council reviews the application and checks eligibility.

If your application is successful you will receive the permit(s) in the mail.

If your application is not successful, you will be advised in writing by Council.

Renew a Residential Parking permit

Residential Parking permits expire annually on 31 August. You need to renew your Residential Parking permit each year.

You will receive a notice from Council at renewal time in the mail. Once you pay the renewal fee, your Residential Parking permit will be renewed and sent by mail. Until you receive the renewed permit, you need to park legally and observe parking restrictions in the street.

You can renew a Residential Parking permit online by Visa or MasterCard.

For other payment options visit Residential Parking permit renewal payment.

A Residential Parking permit is cancelled if the renewal fee is not paid. After a permit is cancelled, you must make a new application and provide necessary proof of residency.

Transfer a permit to another vehicle

You can transfer your parking permit to another vehicle, such as a visitor or a new car. However, the permit must be displayed on the replacement vehicle and is only valid for the street of issue on your parking permit and in your application form.

You do not need to notify Council if you change your vehicle, for example, if you replace your car.

Lost or damaged parking permit

If you lose or damage your parking permit:

  1. Provide a statutory declaration stating that the permit has been lost or damaged. An original statutory declaration document is required as this is a legal document, i.e. no scanned or faxed copy.
  2. Pay an administration fee of $27.30 for each permit you need replaced.
  3. Council will cancel your old permit(s) and issue you with a new one.

A free replacement permit will be issued if your vehicle has been stolen and you can provide a copy of the police report.

Until you receive a replacement parking permit, you need to park legally and observe parking restrictions in the street.

Introduce or change residential parking restrictions in a street

If your street has no existing parking restrictions, Council can consider the introduction of 2 hour parking restrictions. For more information on the process visit change parking restrictions in your street.