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Delays to hard waste collection

27 Apr 2022

We want to thank our community for their patience over the past few weeks, as we have been working to collect the Autumn municipal-wide hard waste collection.

Unfortunately Council’s contractor, WM Waste Management, have experienced COVID-related delays which meant they commenced Moreland’s collection later than expected.

WM Waste Management has continued to experience staff shortages, and has dealt with this through additional shifts on weekends and Easter Monday, bringing some staff across from the teams that normally look after booked services.  

However, staffing levels on a given day have been regularly at 60-70% of normal levels.  This means that instead of 10 trucks, the contractor has been fielding only 6 or 7 on many days.   

These staff shortages have been combined with higher rates of discarded hard waste than previous years, 90% this year compared to 75% in previous years.

Unfortunately the combination of fewer resources and higher amounts of rubbish have resulted in large amounts of hard waste waiting to be collected.

We want to reassure our community that we are working closely with our contractor to look at ways at addressing these key challenges.

Later this year, we will be trialling a booked system for hard waste collection which will allow residents to simply call and book their hard waste collection. We will be providing more information on this soon.

Latest collection dates:

  • Week 1 collection has now been completed.
  • Week 2 collection has now been completed.
  • Week 3 collection has now been completed.
  • Week 4 collection (originally scheduled between Monday 11 and Friday 15 April) will be collected from 29 April.
  • Week 5 collection (originally scheduled from Monday 18 and Friday 22 April) will be collected from 9 May.