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Moreland Awards

Nominations now open

We are calling on the local community to help celebrate those who have enriched our community and inspired their peers through outstanding service and commitment over the past 12 months.

The 2021 Moreland Awards are open to any group or individual whose activity has improved the quality of life of others in Moreland. A nominee can be anyone who lives, works, studies, plays or volunteers in Moreland.

Entry information

Nominations can be made for individuals or groups that live, work, volunteer or study in the Moreland municipality and have made special contribution to Moreland in 2020–2021.

Submitted entries must include the following to be considered:
• A completed nomination form
• A written statement addressing a minimum of one selection criteria
(200 – 500 words)
• Detailed information including
how the nominee demonstrated excellence, overcame adversity or made a significant contribution to Moreland (make reference to any significant dates)
• Where possible a copy of any supporting attachments or documents

Nominations can be submitted for more than one category for the same group or individual however a separate nomination form must be submitted.

Winners of the awards will be announced at Council’s Moreland Awards ceremony on Tuesday 12 October 2021.

Award categories and selection criteria

  • • Event is held in Moreland.
    • Event’s primary role is to engage
    the Moreland community.
    • Event benefits the Moreland community.

  • • Nominee has made a valuable contribution to arts and culture in Moreland
    • Nominee has shown commitment to the development of arts and cultural activities for the Moreland community.
    • Nominee is a Moreland resident that has demonstrated significant achievement in the arts.

  • • More than two individuals and/or community groups working successfully in collaboration or partnerships.

  • • Made a significant impact to the development, integrity and professionalism of sport in the community.
    • Increased physical activities opportunities for all members of
    the community including juniors, women and girls, people with
    disability or people from CALD backgrounds.
    • Committed to training, recruiting and recognising volunteers and coaches.
    • Made a significant contribution to
    sport as a leader and role model.

  • • Nominee must be 25 years or under
    on Saturday 4 September 2021
    • Nominee has made a valuable contribution to young people in the Moreland community.
    • Nominee supports others to succeed

  • • Ongoing contribution to the Moreland community.
    • Supports and encourages others to succeed.
    • A commitment resulting in outstanding and visible results.

  • • Demonstrated how your project has positively contributed to the environmental sustainability of the Moreland community.
    • Description of consultation, stakeholder or community collaboration and partnerships, which have contributed to achievement or results.
    • Description of innovative practices or approaches used to overcome obstacles to deliver achievements.
    • Description of how your project influenced the attitudes of others in the local Moreland community (and potentially beyond) regarding the environmental, social and financial sustainability in the short term or longer term.

  • • Nominee has made a valuable contribution to building better relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander peoples in Moreland.
    • Nominee has shown commitment to create positive change by encouraging community awareness about reconciliation between wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Moreland.

  • • Please describe the activity of the individual or group and how they have advanced gender equality through one or more of the following:
    • Encouraging participation and leadership.
    • Improving health, wellbeing or human rights outcomes.
    • Providing opportunities or inclusion and social cohesion in the community.

  • • The nominee has made a valuable contribution towards disability access and inclusion;
    • The nominee has made a significant contribution towards advancing the rights and interests of people with a disability;
    • The nominee has provided opportunities for increased participation, access and inclusion
    for people with a disability; and
    • The nominee has created a positive change in raising awareness about important issues relating to people with a disability.

Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 3 September 2021.

You can download the entry information and a nomination form here.

How to apply

Apply online using the application form below.

Moreland Awards 2021 nomination form

Nomination background

All entries must include a statement addressing the specific assessment criteria. Attach detailed information about your nominee, including descriptive details on how they demonstrated excellence and contributed to the Moreland community in 2020 and 2021.

Include achievements in which the nominee has excelled and difficulties that the nominee has overcome. Incorporate important dates. Reference the selection criteria for each award.

I have confirmed with the nominee that they are willing to be nominated for a Moreland Award?

Confirmation of nomination

I hereby declare that the information contained in this nomination regarding the nominee is to my knowledge true and accurate. *