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Current community grants

About Moreland Community Grants Program

The Moreland Community Grants Program gives financial support to community led initiatives and collaborative projects that demonstrates multiple benefits and focuses directly on the Moreland community.

This grants program is targeted at not-for-profit incorporated community groups or groups auspiced by another incorporated organisation.

Free training to volunteers of a Moreland Community Group - register and get started here.

For further information about the grants program or ask a question email the Grants Officer or speak with the relevant contact officer outlined in the Community Grants Program Guidelines. You can also join the grants mailing list for updates.

View and apply for all current funding opportunities through the online grants website.

Grants available

Minor grants

All minor grants are currently available for application. Funding duration is for a 12 month period or as per agreement.

Individual Development grant - Up to $500

  • Individuals selected to participate in an event
  • Assistance with a sport and recreation club membership

Membership Activity grant - Up to $2000

  • Assistance with ongoing costs for members activities.
  • Funding levels dependant on the number of Moreland members in group.
  • Applications can be made every 12 months

Quick Response grant - Up to $1,000

  • Community led small project or event
  • Community groups that need to purchase minor equipment
  • Establishment of a new group
  • *Minor Grant Application Form

Female Participation grant - Up to $3,000

  • Provide new opportunities for women and girls in sports, physical activity and leadership programs.
  • *Minor Grant Application Form

Youth Initiative Grant - Up to $3,000

  • Supports youth led one-off projects or pilot programs
  • *Minor Grant Application Form

Read more about these categories at our Minor Grants page.

Annual grants

Project grant - Up to $5000 - Round closes 30 September 2021

  • Funding period: 12 months. Project start date 1 January 2022.
  • Communtiy led project
  • Focuses and benefits the Moreland community.
  • Collaborates and partners with other groups.
  • Increases access and participation opportunities.

Organisational Support Grant - Up to $10,000 per year - Next round opens August 2022

  • Funding period: 2 financial years
  • Organisations with limited access to funding sources
  • Focuses directly and benefits the Moreland community
  • Based within Moreland

Operational grant - Up to $10,000 per year - Next round opens February 2023

  • Funding period: 3 financial years
  • For newly established community organisations
  • Based within Moreland

Capital Works Partnership grant - Up to $40,000 - Round closes 30 September 2021

  • Funding period: 12 months - Project start date 1 January 2022.
  • Capital improvements to community facilities
  • Greater community access, increases participation, interaction of all age groups
  • Provides a multi-use facility in Moreland
  • Typically requires planning and building permits to proceed.
  • Applicant must contribute 25% of total value of project

Recreational Facility Design Grant - Up to $10,000 - Next application period to be confirmed soon

  • Enables sporting clubs to produce schematic designs for the redevelopment of, or creation of new sporting facilities

Read more about these categories at our Annual Grants page

How to apply

See our Applying for community grants page for further details about the application process including information on reporting and other requirements for grant recipients.

View and apply for all funding opportunities online through the grants website.

Other funding opportunities

We also have a range of funding opportunities for the creative sector including the Flourish Arts Recovery Program. Read more at our Arts Grants page.

If you are a business, visit our Business support and programs page or email Economic Development for advice about small business funding opportunities.