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Moreland Transport Advisory Committee

This committee develops, promotes and assists Council to achieve the aims of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy.


This committee:

  • advises Council on priorities, processes and programs
  • facilitates partnerships and developing opportunities among Council, the community and transport agencies, providers and operators
  • identifies key strategic transport and land use opportunities
  • provides a consultative forum and link to a wider network of community transport organisations
  • promotes community support for the implementation of projects and programs, and
  • generates discussion on and evaluating transport policies and initiatives as they impact upon the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy and its implementation.


The Transport in Moreland forum provides input on the implemention of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS), Brunswick Integrated Transport Strategy, Bike Strategy, Pedestrian Strategy and Parking Management Policy and on the development of strategic transport policy.


  • Cr Conlan
  • Cr El-Halabi
  • Members of the Community, representing the views of each of the 4 transport networks: walking, public transport, cycling and car/truck.
  • Directors of City Infrastructure, or their representatives, a traffic engineer, the Transport Co-ordinator and a strategic land use planner.
  • Representatives from interested parties including PTC or the Department of Infrastructure, Private Transport Operators, VicRoads, RACV, PTUA, Bicycle Victoria, and commercial vehicle operators.


This committee meets 3 times per year at 6.30 pm at Council Chamber, Moreland Civic Centre.

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for the Transport in Moreland Forum (DOC 54Kb)