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Moreland 2025 Community Vision


The Moreland 2025 Community Vision (previously referred to as Community Plan) is a description of the city in which our community hopes to live, work and play in the near future. It contains the combined visions from over 1,500 Moreland citizens, plus representatives from 30 partner organisations, including Council.

The Community Vision is the first step towards aligning the activities, decisions, plans and strategies of those who shape the city - the many community groups and organisations, individuals, service providers, Council and other levels of government.

Moreland 2025 Community Vision proposes working in partnership. Leadership will be shared by the partner organisations that will make plans and take action. There will be opportunities for everyone to work together, according to their interests, to achieve a better Moreland. Council is also responsible for ensuring that our plans and decisions are focused on realising the visions in Moreland 2025.

Next steps

Consultation and engagement to develop Moreland 2025 Community Vision took place in 2013 and into 2014. Council endorsed a draft late in 2014 after public consultation.

At the August 2015 Council Meeting, Council adopted the Moreland 2025 Community Vision. From this point, opportunities for participation and implementation will be offered by partner organisations and Council.

Final Moreland 2025 Community Vision

Download the Moreland 2025 Community Vision (PDF 7Mb).

The Community Vision contains broad themes that people told us were important, with directions and outcomes for each theme. The Community Vision contains more detail for each theme.




    Moreland community members are mentally and physically healthy, and active


    The Moreland community members feel connected to others


    The Moreland community is educated


    The Moreland community feels safe and is safe


    The Moreland community has access to affordable housing


    Moreland is a diverse and inclusive community

    Human rights

    The human rights of Moreland’s diverse community are upheld

    Accessible places

    People have access to local places and open spaces

    Public transport

    Public transport meets population growth

    Moving around

    People can access a variety of mobility options

    Looking better

    Attractive, clean and well maintained built environment, streetscapes and landscapes

    Cultural vibrancy

    Cultural and artistic focus of Moreland continues to thrive

    Preserving history

    The historical places of Moreland continue to be enhanced

    Community infrastructure

    The community infrastructure has been maintained to keep up with population growth

    Responsible natural resource usage

    The Moreland community is water and energy efficient

    Consumption reduction

    The Moreland community is reducing consumption of resources

    Sharing responsibility

    Moreland community is environmentally aware and active

    Responding to climate change

    The Moreland community is actively responding to climate change

    Enhancing natural environment

    Moreland’s natural environment is preserved and enhanced


    Living Local

    Moreland community has access to jobs, goods and services locally

    Economic growth

    Moreland has a growing local economy

    Innovative business

    Moreland is the place for innovative business opportunities



    Active partnerships

    Partnerships are used to deliver community outcomes

    Civic decision making

    The Moreland community participates in decision making

    Financial sustainability

    Moreland is financially responsible taking account current and future needs

    Community access

    The Moreland community has access to responsive services which are meeting the demands of a changing community