MoreArt Public Art Show

MoreArt Public Art Show

Our annual art in public spaces event along Moreland's iconic transport corridors.

11 November  to 16 December 2018

Magic In The North

MoreArt is a public art show that showcases Moreland’s community and places, based along the Upfield train line and bike path. From gentle conversation to large scale intervention, we invite artists to take the hand of the community as we explore the ideas that stem from the places where we live.

This year, we move our focus beyond the busy artery of moving metal called Bell Street and into the magic of Moreland’s North. A story will be written from South to North along 10 kilometres of the bike path, children will take over a park, we’ll drink tea in a cemetery, explore sensory space with the EPA and smash 1000 chai cups.

Jump on a bike, catch a train or walk from your house - come and join the journey. 

MoreArt Program 2018

This year, MoreArt has teamed up with Fawkner Festa on 11 November to start the festivitie with a big bang. Crash. Clang.

Clay cups

Starting off with a bike tour from Brunswick, Dan Mitchell will take us on a journey through the past 9 years of MoreArt on the way to the Fawkner Festa where we will ceremoniously smash terracotta chai cups to welcome in the next month of public art.

Bring your bike or come meet us at CB Smith Reserve and help up celebrate MoreArt’s double digit beginning. 

Sunday 11 November:

  • MoreArt 9 Year Bike Tour, starting at 10 am at Brunswick Station.
  • Fawkner Festa, from 11 am to 3 pm at CB Smith Reserve, Fawkner

Projector Bike Tours

Do you want to know more about the past, present, and future of the MoreArt Public Art Show? Then don't miss out on this series of cycling adventures and book your free spot now!

Bike TourProjector Bike and MoreArt are joining forces to present a series of curated projection cycling tours for MoreArt’s 9th anniversary year. The tours will weave a curated contextual canvas of light and sound, through site-specific projection and live encounters with MoreArt artists, who will speak to their work in person. Each tour is different, so join one or all three.

For more information and to book your spot head to Bike Tour Bookings.


Kate Kantor, Vanessa Chapple, Tanja Beer
16 November, 4.30 - 6.30 pm, Coburg North Linear Reserve

Parktopia is a unique event which celebrates children’s creative contribution to their local neighbourhood.


Together with a team of professional theatre makers, artists and landscape designers, students at Pascoe Vale North Primary School will imagine, design and construct a temporary ‘Parktopia’ in the Coburg North Linear Reserve. The event displays children’s perspectives on sustainability and landscape, as they turn the once underutilised reserve into a flourishing living play space.

Parktopia offers local children the opportunity to demonstrate their creative ideas to the community and council to enhance the future plans for this section of the Linear Reserve. 

They will be joined at this event by MoreArt artists from Sounds Like Movement, Trade Route 55, The Roving Tea Plantation, Journey of 1000 Chai Cups and local community members offering stories, planting tips and more. Come along for this late afternoon interactive celebration!

Bring a picnic! Bring a water bottle!

Sensory Line

Environmental Performance Authority (EPA)

Jewell to Fawkner - Saturday 24 November 3 - 9 pm 
Fawkner to Jewell - Sunday 25 November 3 - 9 pm

Come on a walking adventure exploring the rich sensations of Moreland!

Traversing South to North one day, and North to South the next, Environmental Performance Authority (EPA) invite participants to follow the lead of their senses: to look, hear, smell, touch – even taste. SENSORY LINE focuses on the places in between that we might usually ignore, treating them as complex, valuable ecosystems. Through live performance and guided participatory activities, the journey will release beauty, surprise and vivid experiences from hitherto unremarked places through the changing atmospheres of day, evening and night.

People climbing

Along the way there will be three performances by EPA at pre-determined sites, which audiences can attend as part of the walk or as unique events.

Those doing the walk, please bring your Myki (we might hop on the train), your walking shoes and clothing for various weathers.

Limited Numbers - Information and Bookings 
Photo credit: Laki Sideris

A Narrow Road to the Deep North

11 November - 15 December, Along the Upfield Bike Path

Woman drawingA Narrow Road to the Deep North is a durational writing performance conceived as a meditation on the urban landscape, the experience of place and the power of walking. From 11 November, Illimine will write 10km of linked poems along the Upfield Bike Path, stitching together the north and the south of Moreland, two areas usually divided by the symbolic border of Bell Street. The writing is the result of the encounter with people and places, inscribed on the landscape that it narrates.

Day by day, the audience will be able to read the unfolding story, thus participating in the journey both through the narrative and physically, as the readers will literally, step by step, replicate the journey written by the artists. 

Photo credit: Brent Edwards

The Roving Tea Plantation

Jiann Hughes

11 November, Fawkner Festa, 11 am – 3 pm (Masala Chai)
16 November, Parktopia, 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm (Bush Medicine)
2 December, Merlynston Town Hall, 2 pm – 4 pm (High Femme Tea)
6 December, Fawkner Cemetery, 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm (Green Tea)
15 December, tbc (Kahwah Tea)

The Roving Tea Plantation is a post-colonial meditation on tea. 

Harnessing the incantation Tea Cupof the tea party, “fancy a cuppa?” and its revolutionary power to swing elections, start wars, and bring down colonies, this tea trail traverses the brewing arts and ceremony of Moreland’s historic and contemporary tea culture. A tea chest brimming with tea plants is pedalled along the art trail, laying down roots at five gathering grounds.

Rovers enjoy a cuppa while listening to invited speakers discuss the importance of the drink in their culture; from green tea, masala chai, kahwah tea, to bush medicine and a high femme tea. 

Journey Of 1000 Chai Cups

Varuni Kanagasundaram

11 November, Fawkner Festa, 11 am – 3 pm
16 November, Parktopia, 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm 
17 November, Merlynston Park, 
6 December, Fawkner Cemetery, 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

The humble Chai Clay cup made of terra cotta clay is a familiar sight in India along stations,1000 clay cups a quick drink of Chai marks a pause from the busy rhythms of the day. The artist translates the symbol of the Chai cup for the Fawkner Festa and along the Upfield line during the MoreArt festival, connecting with diverse community groups in making the cups that form installations. They become a humble vessel to serve a ritual drink of tea, to then return to ground in celebration of smashing during Fawkner Festa, connecting many in our community along its journey.  

Sounds Like Movement

Dale Gorfinkel and Peter Fraser

Friday 16 November, Parktopia, 5.30 pm - 6 30 pm
Saturday 17 November, Merlynston Town Hall, 6 pm
Sunday 18 November, Merlynston Town Hall, 3 pm

If you want something gloriously unorthodox… a focus on listening and seeing that is simple,delightful and captivating… then these guys are for you. It’s spellbinding for all ages, bring your children too!

Sounds Like Movement is a performance group that explores with how dance and music, Two men dancingor movement and sound, can be generated by a playful relationship to objects. Two ‘holy fools' (Peter Fraser and Dale Gorfinkel) contend with a tangle of peculiarly assembled materials, musical instruments, and toys– and with each other. This is fertile ground for unique, surprising and beautiful performance making.

Earlier performances have included kinetic sound sculptures, noise-making costumes, footpump-powered modified trumpets, automated percussion, flying pigs, human-sized origami and participatory games.

Absurd, curious and gently funny, their work invites audiences of all ages to tune into the wonderful friendship of sound and movement.

Watch the videoMore highlights to come.

Mind the Gap

Simon Rankin

LOT 47/57 Cameron Street BrunswickWooden Sign

Simon's project for MoreArt 2018, stems from a fascination with theMoreland landscape: a landscape not often associated with ‘magic’. This installation of surreal, oversized instructional signage acts as starting point for an exploration of ‘magic in the north’.

Symbols like arrows and crosses are common instructional graphics along the Upfield train line. This language is re-contextualised and used in a playful, whimsical and surreal way, indicating the ambiguous direction that magic could be found.

The project provides a surreal, magical interval during the journey to the north via train or a visit to the south along the bike path.

Simon Rankin lives and works in Brunswick, creating art in both digital and traditional mediums. His work commonly revolves around diagrammatic visual elements.

ReluminescenceMadelena Rehorek and Aristo Ambyo

Based on interviews with Fawkner residents as well as photography and data visualisation, Re(lu)minescence is a journalistic and artistic attempt to re-imagine and map the story of Fawkner’s past, present and future through various media.

Journalists and artists Tito Ambyo and Madz Rehorek have been researching, interviewing and collaborating with Fawkner residents to explore the stories and the journeys of the peoples and places that make Fawkner what it is today.

The resulting work is a series of installations including photographic light boxes, flags and paste-ups that combine art and journalism, to show visitors to Fawkner Festa a glimpse of the richness and diversity of the suburb.  

MoreArt 2017 

Watch the video


Dylan Martorell and Chaco Kato of Slow Art Collective steadily transformed their West Street site into a temporary macrame wonderland called SEELAND.

Rushdi Anwar and Miream Salameh
presented emotive installationsin front of the BrunswickTown Hall that both transfixed and engaged.

Rushdi Anwar sand bag sculpture in front of Brunswick Town Hall

Collective Care protest banner installation


Artists Kate Davis and Hannan Jones lead a provocative and political workshop andprotest titled Collective Care that gave participants the chance to creatively express their passions and concerns in a supportive and fun atmosphere.



Ben Taranto Sculpture image

Ben Taranto planted his sculptural statement Timelapsed alongside the Upfield Bike path. Bringing a creative viewpoint of the human assisted degradation of our precious coral reefs.




Miles Brown performing on Platform

Ilana Russell curated a series of pop up performances at Jewell Station titled Platform. The various artists had commuters toe tapping, singing and laughing their way through there daily commutes.

Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark were artists-in-residence presenting their work Waiting at Moreland Station. A collaborative work that explored the intimate life of worms using sound video, conversation and installation.

Joiwind Lowe wandered far and wide throughout Moreland with her project Specific Beauty. In this work she used the traditional advertising format of photographic bill posters to explore the repitition of an everyday hero image drawn from the local detail.


Liss Fenwick presented Periphery at Jewell Station, a light box installation that placed stark unsettling images from the Northern Territory into the urban space exploring our strange relationship with the Australian landscape.

Chris Humphries brought his delicate series of hand drawn tree scapes, Slide Show, to the Jewell Station customer service space transforming it into a imagined forest for all to enjoy.


RMIT University Link presented Artland at the Brunswick Campus, a student art-in-public-spaces exhibition. Congratulations to winners of the MoreArt award from this years show, Varuni Kanagasundaram and Richard MacHuca who have both been invited to participate in MoreArt 2018.



Bike tour at night looking at projectionsBig thanks to Projector Bike and Art Aficionados for facilitating a wonderful program of bike and walking tours in 2018.

Download MoreArt 2017 program (PDF 3Mb)



Bike tour of MoreArt









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