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A-Z guide to waste and recycling

We know recycling and disposing of your household waste sustainably can be confusing, but there are many options to dispose of unwanted items. Use this A-Z guide to find your item and the different ways to discard it. This list includes both Council and external services. 

Check to see whether the item can be repaired or recycled first, through a drop-off point. Items could also be placed in one of your kerbside bins or disposed of via other services that may include a fee.  

You can also refer to Sustainability Victoria’s Know your recycling webpage for a comprehensive list of how to dispose of items.

Kerbside Services: 

Garbage bin (red lid)    Recycling bin (yellow lid)    Food and garden organics bin (light green lid) 

Hard Waste - Biannual collection in Spring and Autumn

Other Services:

Recycling stations for select products - at our Customer Service Centres. 

Donation - Moreland has many charities and repair facilities. Please consider these options before disposing of your household waste. 

Ecoactiv - An online recycling booking platform servicing our community all year round with sustainable disposal options. The platform is regularly updated with additional items, if you cannot see an item listed below please call Ecoactiv on: 1800 489 278 

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