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Resident parking permits

Resident parking permits allow you to park on or close to the street you live on all day with no restrictions. However, the permit does not allow you to park in 'no stopping' areas, car parks, loading zones or parking spaces with 30 minutes or less timed restrictions. A permit does not guarantee that there will always be a parking spot available for you.

View our Parking Management Policy (DOC)

Who can apply for a resident parking permit

To apply for a resident parking permit, you must live on a street that has timed parking restrictions.

If you live in a property that has been subdivided after 31 August 2011 (for example, newer town houses and apartments), you can not apply for a resident parking permit. If you're unsure if this includes your property or not, you can search for your property here: 

Property eligibility search

  • Each eligible property can have up to 2 parking permits. If you have a driveway, you are only eligible for 1 permit.

  • To apply for a resident parking permit, you will need

    • a valid email address,
    • a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card and
    • a concession card if you are paying a concession fee.
    • You will also need to prove that you live at your address using one of the following documents:

    Proof of residency
    This could be:

    • driver's licence (with current address)
    • rates notice
    • lease agreement, or
    • utility bill (this cannot be a mobile phone bill).
  • The first resident parking permit attached to a property will cost $43.70, or $21.85 with a concession card.

    If you get a second permit, it will cost $123.60, or $62.05 with a concession card.

    • This permit does NOT guarantee parking will be available in the nominated street or zone.
    • Resident parking permits are NOT transferable to another street or zone. The permit is assigned to one vehicle at a given time.
    • The renewal of permits is the responsibility of the permit holder. The permit expiry date can be viewed via your PayStay account.
    • Residential Parking Permits are not valid for:
      • Any area with a restriction of 30 minutes or less.
      • Main arterial roads (e.g. Sydney Road, Lygon Street, Bell Street, Holmes Road, Pascoe Vale Road)
      • Shopping strips, Council operated off-street car parks or metered areas
      • Designated statutory restricted areas such as no stopping zones, bus zones, clearway or tow away zones, taxi zones and loading zones.
    • If you park in an area not for general parking, outside legitimate permitted parking bays/areas or in contravention to any other Road Rule, you may be fined or your vehicle towed away. 
    • Infringements issued for failing to comply with these conditions will NOT be withdrawn.
    • Council reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any permit that is used in contravention of Moreland City Council’s parking management policy or General Local Law 2018.
    • The permit is only valid for registered vehicles and excludes a boat, bus, trailer, truck, caravan, motorcycle or vehicles greater than 4.5 tonnes or 12 metres in length.
    • Permit holders are prohibited from selling, leasing or accepting money for a permit and/or allowing any other person to use a permit in contravention of this policy or the conditions of use of the permit.
    • The permit holder is responsible for notifying Council if:
    • A permit holder disposes of a vehicle to which a permit applies; or
    • A permit holder changes their residential address (if applicable);
    • The previous permit will be cancelled and no refund will be given

Applying for a resident parking permit

The permit you apply for will be an ePermit. You can apply online for this through PayStay. If you do not already have a PayStay account, you will have to sign up for one.

Apply online for a permit

  • Once our Business Support Team has granted your application you will receive a confirmation email and your ePermit will become active.

    Our officers can search your vehicle registration number on our system and see if you have a valid permit. This means that you do not have to display your permit on your dashboard.

    All permits expire on 30 November each year. If you wish to keep using your permit, you need to renew by this date each year. We will send you a notice 14 days before your permit expires, and you can follow the instructions to renew it.

    If you park using an expired permit you may be fined.

  • Ensure your have checked your properties eligibility. 

    If you are still having trouble please refer to our user guide for assistance.

     ePermit Application User Guide (DOC 5MB)

    After reviewing the user guide if you are still having trouble please email

  • Update a vehicle registration via PayStay App

    • Login into the PayStay APP
    • Select ePermits (bottom of APP)
    • Select your ePermit to be updated
    • Select edit vehicle details

    Update vehicle registration via a Web Browser

    • Log on to your PayStay account:
    • On the permit you would like to update, click Update Vehicle button (under Manage Vehicle).
    • Then on Select Option choose Edit Vehicle.
    • Select your current vehicle registration number, delete it and add the details of the new one.
    • Click OK. 

    The vehicle registration will update immediately.