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Responding to the climate emergency

Our commitment to action

As a Council we declared a climate emergency in Moreland on 12 September 2018. We have committed to urgent action to respond to this emergency.

We support the demand for urgent action on this issue by all levels of government. We invite everyone to get involved and do their part.

We have a long history of leading action on environmental sustainability. Together we can respond effectively to the climate emergency. Our actions can help ensure our city and our planet is a place that we can all enjoy.

Go to Our Sustainability Story to see the actions Council is taking.

Why we need urgent action

Climate change is a threat to us and our future. Science has shown us that the world is warming because of an increase in human-created greenhouse gases.

The warming of our climate means more intense weather events and emergencies. Climate change is damaging the places and species we love. It is also causing loss of life and other health impacts, reduced agricultural production, damaged supply chains, rising sea levels, and more. Climate change may also damage our power, transport and communications systems.

To see how climate change is impacting Moreland go to Climate Change in Moreland.

A key way to deal with this emergency is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This will help reduce further changes to our climate.

Zero Carbon Moreland

One of our goals for responding to the climate emergency is to achieve 'zero carbon' in Moreland by 2040. 'Zero carbon' means that Moreland will not be responsible for any greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working toward zero carbon by delivering transport, waste and energy initiatives. We also support businesses, schools and community groups that want to reduce their emissions.

In the Zero Carbon Moreland 2040 Framework we identify 3 key elements of our zero carbon goal:

1. Energy transition to efficient and 100% renewably powered energy.

2. Sustainable transport that is active or has zero emissions.

3. A circular economy with zero waste.

Every five years we develop a Climate Emergency Action Plan that outlines our plans to achieve this goal.


How to reduce your environmental impact

If you want to do your part to address climate change we have services to support you in adopting more sustainable and energy efficient options. This is not a full list of all the steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact, but it is a great place to start.

Our Zero Carbon Moreland (ZCM) website has the latest news about our services and initiatives. Sign up to our monthly Eco eNews for updates on projects, profiles of local environmental heroes, and more. Subscribers also get invitations to events and updates on key initiatives.

  • There are many environmental and climate change organisations at work in Moreland. These groups look at things like caring for our local creeks, managing community gardens, creating environmental education opportunities, advocating for climate action, and more.

    You can find a list of local organisations on the ZCM 'Get active with a local group' page.

    Zero Carbon Moreland - Get Active

  • There are some great options for making an energy switch over on Zero Carbon Moreland (ZCM).

    Free over-the-phone advice on taking action

    • We have partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) to bring you free home energy advice. Everyone who lives in Moreland can use these over-the-phone consultations. The AEF's experts can help you to better understand your energy bill. They can also give you advice on what you can do at home to manage your energy usage. Find out more on our Zero Carbon Moreland website.

    Information on solar panels including benefits and support

    • Installing a solar system is a great way to reduce your energy bills. We have partnered with Solar Savers to make it easier for you to go solar. They also offer advice about government subsidies and other finance options. Find out more on our Zero Carbon Moreland website.

    Information on improving energy efficiency at home

    • Make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. We have partnered with Draught Busters to support you in improving the energy efficiency of your home. Areas to look at include insulation, draught proofing, reverse-cycle air conditioning, hot water services, or shade structures. Find out more on our Zero Carbon Moreland website.

    Support for low income earners to improve their home and reduce bills

    • If you own your home and live on a low income, we can support you to lower your bills and make your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We can offer financial help to support the energy-related changes you make to your home, and have two partners to support you through the process. We have partnered with Daught Busters to support you in making energy saving upgrades, and with Solar Savers to support your installation of solar panels. Find out more on our Zero Carbon Moreland website.

    Zero Carbon Moreland Energy Switch

  • On Zero Carbon Moreland you will find advice and Council initiatives which will help you move toward zero waste. They include information about:

    • Avoiding waste
    • Joining a composting community
    • Using food waste collection services
    • Using waste and recycling services
    • Finding opportunities to repair, reuse, borrow and swap items
    • Joining Sharewaste or finding a compost hub
    • Running a litter collection event
    • Becoming a plastic wise sports club
    • Accessing subsidies for schools and early learning centres

    You can find out more about each of these areas on the ZCM Zero waste page.

    Zero Carbon Moreland Zero Waste

  • Riding your bike, walking or catching public transport helps to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. We also have electric vehicle charging stations across Moreland which are free to use and powered by renewable energy.

    You can find out different ways you can adopt active or zero emissions transport on the ZCM Travel smart page.

    Zero Carbon Moreland Travel Smart

  • We can help you improve the energy efficiency at your business or organisation. We have partnered with EnviroGroup to provide businesses and community groups with dedicated energy upgrade support.

    These upgrades may include:

    • An energy assessment of your business or organisation
    • Solar system
    • Battery storage
    • Insulation
    • Draught proofing
    • Reverse-cycle air conditioners for cooling and heating
    • Hot water services

    Find out more on the ZCM Solar and energy improvements for your business or organisation page.

    We also have the option of Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) for businesses that want to make building upgrades. This is a long term, low interest loan to upgrade a building. The loan is administered by your Council.

    The benefits of environmental upgrade finance are:

    • No upfront capital or security
    • Fixed rate, long-term loan terms with low annual repayments
    • The option to share costs between owners and tenants
    • We collect your repayments through council rates
    • Every loan is legislated to deliver a positive environmental outcome

    You must own or lease commercial, non-residential buildings in Moreland to apply for Environmental Upgrade Finance.

    If you're interested in Environmental Upgrade Finance you can find out more on our Business programs and services page.