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Support services

Welcome to Moreland City Council’s Aged and Community Support services.

This page will tell you about the services we offer, and how you can access services for the first time or change your existing support.

We offer services for eligible people over 65 years old, and people under 65 who require some support with daily activities. Our services are designed to help you stay living safely in your home, and remain as independent as possible at home and in the community.

Request services for the first time

To access our services for the first time you need to make a referral.

This referral can be made by you or you can give a relative, friend or doctor permission to make the referral for you. The way you make a referral is different depending on your age.

  • If you are this age and you are not already a client of a Moreland Aged and Disability Service, you will need to register as a My Aged Care user.

    Registration is needed to enter the aged care system in Australia. Once you are registered you can access information on ageing and aged care, have your needs assessed and be supported to find and access services.

    Visit the My Aged Care website  for more information or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422


    Individuals will participate in a Living at home assessment, which is holistic, and person-centred assessment conducted by a health professional.
    They will work together to develop and identify what’s important to and for the clients to remain living independently at home. The assessment process will include the client and other persons if required/appropriate.
    The assessment will normally take place in the client’s home.

  • Home and community care - for younger people’ (HACCPYP) Program

    We also deliver care and support to eligible community members - as part of a program jointly funded by the State and Federal governments.

    This program provides basic support and maintenance to those living at home, and is targeted towards people aged under 65 and those aged under 50 who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. The purpose of this program is to support individuals to be more active and independent at home and in the community.


    Individuals will participate in a Living at home assessment, which is holistic, and person-centred assessment conducted by a health professional.
    They will work together to develop and identify what’s important to and for the clients to remain living independently at home. The assessment process will include the client and other persons if required/appropriate.
    The assessment will normally take place in the client’s home.

    Services you can access as part of this program
    • Assessment – initial assessment to confirm eligibility for the program and assistance to help you work out what you need
    • Access & Support- Short term support for those who have additional needs that are more complex and help to understand and access the support services
    • Allied Health- Referrals for Occupational Therapy,Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Dietetics, Nursing
    • Domestic Assistance – help around the home with cleaning
    • Delivered meals – prepared meals
    • Personal care – assistance in the shower
    • Property Maintenance – handy person service (not regular lawn mowing or gardening)
    • Personal alert/alarm- assessment for Government funded alarms for those eligible
    • Respite Care – providing the carer with a break
    • Meal Preparation – support to prepare meals to cook at home
    • Shopping assistance escorted/unescorted
    • Social Support – includes groups and activities to get your more connected with others in the community
    Do you want to learn more?

    For further information and to discuss eligibility contact Moreland City Council Assessment Services Intake Officer on 9240 2338 or

    To find out more about support services for people with a disability, click here

Change or cancel your existing support services

It is normal to need different help at different times in your life. Council’s support services are designed to change with you. You might need different help from week to week. Our staff will ask you what help is most important to you each time they visit. If there is something we can’t do during one visit, we will plan to do it at the next visit. We also do regular service reviews and get feedback from the staff who support you.

If you want to change the support services you receive, we are happy to discuss different options with you.

You can contact us on 9240 2302 or email

Services we offer

We offer many different types of support. These include:

  • We provide support with personal aspects of life that improve wellbeing, safety and security. This might include body washing and showering, dressing, meal preparation and eating. We can show you ways to do these tasks on your own and help you build confidence.

  • Support staff help you around the home with basic household tasks, such as washing, changing bed linen, meal preparation, vacuuming, and shopping. Staff can give you ideas and information about equipment and products that might help you.

  • A Support Worker can go with you to the local shops and help you with your basic household shopping.

  • Home Maintenance staff can do minor repairs and maintenance tasks. These might be called ‘handyman tasks’, and include changing light globes, smoke alarm batteries, and tap washers.

  • If you have already had a home safety assessment, staff can install handrails, ramps and fittings. To do this we need the technical drawings and instructions from an Occupational Therapist. To arrange a home safety assessment, contact an Occupational Therapist, your local Community Health Service or My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

  • Caring for someone can be rewarding but also tiring and challenging. The Respite service gives carers a break from their caring role, as well as supporting the person they care for.

  • We deliver tasty and nutritious three-course meals. When we drop the meals off, we check in with you to see how you are doing. Frozen meals for weekends and public holidays can be delivered during the week. Seasonal menus are developed with the help of dietitians to suit a range of taste, and dietary needs. We have options for special diets such as diabetic, low fat and texture modified.

  • Our drivers can pick you up at home and drive you to:
    • the shops,
    • medical appointments, or
    • social or leisure activities.

    The bus runs Monday to Friday and are accessible for people who use walking frames or wheelchairs

  • Moreland’s social support programs provides activities to help community members live a socially connected life.

    Find out about our services as well as other social groups across Moreland.

  • Our Access and Support Officer can provide short term support to you or your carer, if you are experiencing any barriers or challenges to accessing services. The Access and Support Program can help you:

    • Understand the range of support services that may be available
    • Understand how services work and the steps involved
    • Provide advocacy and specialised support

Seniors and carers discount cards

Seniors and carers can access cards to get cheaper public transport and discounts with businesses and venues.

  • You can get a Seniors Card if you are over 60 and retired or working less than 35 hours a week. With this card, you can get discounts at participating businesses, such as museums, restaurants and cinemas. You can also get discounted bus, train and tram rides.

    To apply for a Seniors Card please call 1300 797 210 or apply through Seniors Online Victoria.

  • If you are a carer, you can get a Victorian Carers Card. This card will give you discounts to services such as local aquatic, sporting, recreation and even some performing arts venues. This includes all Moreland leisure centres and pools.

    You can check if you are eligible and then complete the Victorian Carer Card application form.

    For more information call the Carer Card Information Line on 1800 901 958 during business hours only.

How to request to be picked up by our bus

To find out more about the community bus, call 9240 2338 or contact us online.

Neighbourhood Cooks - Moreland 

About Neighbourhood Cooks (Formally known as Casserole Club)

Neighbourhood Cooks – Moreland is a meal sharing program that connects people who like to cook with older residents in the Moreland Community to help people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who are not always able to cook for themselves.

The Neighbourhood Cooks programs aims to support older residents who live in the own home but find it difficult to prepare a nutritious meal on a regular basis.

Moreland City Council has been working in partnership with Uniting a respected organisation with experience in managing volunteer programs since 2014 in delivering this program formerly known as the Casserole Club to the Moreland Community. The program is run in collaboration with Uniting’s volunteer network and Moreland City Council Aged and Community Support programs through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

  • How it works

    • Volunteers cooks prepare their usual meals making an extra portion
    • They then plate up an extra portion and deliver the extra portion to an older resident, taking some time to connect and say hello
    • You can choose to cook at a time that is convenient on a regular basis which could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly
    • Cooks can certainly take breaks – just let your diner know in advance.


    Before commencing with the program, volunteer cooks must complete:

    • a food safety quiz
    • a Police Check specific to the Neighbourhood Cooks – Moreland
    • agree to meet with program coordinator to guide you through the process to complete all necessary paperwork. At this meeting you can also discuss suitable diners in your area.

    How to join


    To join as a volunteer cook:

    1. Complete the online application form
    2. Pass the food safety quiz
    3. Send your certificate to the Program Coordinator at 
    4. The Neighbourhood Cooks – Moreland Program Coordinator will then contact you to guide you through the induction process.

    To join as a diner please complete the online application form

    More information 

    For more information or to join, contact the Neighbourhood Cooks team at Uniting on 8538 7300 or email Neighbourhood Cooks at