Local artists, writers and musicians

Logo of the Made in Moreland program at Moreland libraries.Moreland is home to a diverse population of musicians, writers and filmmakers.

Made in Moreland collection

To celebrate and preserve the artistic and cultural wealth of Moreland, the library service created the Made in Moreland collection in 2002  – a program to support and promote local musicians, writers and filmmakers. 

As part of Made in Moreland, the library actively seeks to purchase CDs by local musicians.

Copies are placed in the library's general lending collections, with one copy of each CD also kept in the library's local history collection to preserve Moreland's musical history for future generations.  

A specially designed Made in Moreland sticker highlights local CDs as well as books and films by Moreland residents or those that have a special connection with the area. 

If you would like to contribute to the Made in Moreland collection, please contact any Moreland library.

Search for 'Made in Moreland' items

You can search for items by entering 'Made in Moreland' in the catalogue search box of the Online catalogue or the catalogue at a Moreland library.