Waddling Wildlife Storytime

Waddling Wildlife Storytime

Children's storytime session.

World Environment Day is a UN initiative to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This year, celebrate at Moreland City Libraries in partnership with Phillip Island Nature Park.

We will be holding special Waddling Wildlife Storytimes that celebrate the unique Australian environment. Our storytimes will have special stories about Phillip Island, songs, craft activities and a FREE Child 4 Park Pass to PINPs most popular attractions for every child attending. There are also other prizes to win!

Waddling WIldlife Storytime will also be held at our other libraries:

11.30 am, Wednesday 6 June at Campbell Turnbull Library

11.30 am, Wednesday 6 June at Fawkner Library

10.30 am, Thursday 7 June at Brunswick Library

10.30 am, Friday 8 June at Coburg Library

Registration for these events is optional.

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