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Riding a bike and walking

If you need to get around, both walking and riding a bike are great sustainable, free options. There are bike parks and footpaths all over Moreland, meaning you can easily get around.

Walking in Moreland

Walking is the most popular form of recreational activity for Victorians. It has great environmental, health and social benefits.

There are some great places you can walk around Moreland, including:

  • the diverse range of shops along Sydney Road
  • the Merri Creek trail, where you can visit CERES Environment Park, have a picnic on the banks of Coburg Lake and see more interesting sites
  • the Jacana Wetlands along Moonee Ponds Creek

Find walking trails and bike paths

Walk to School Month

During VicHealth's Walk to School Month in October, students, teachers and families across Victoria walk, ride or scoot to school. Walk to School Month encourages everyone to think about ways to get to school that are healthy, good for the environment and fun. During Walk to School month there are prizes to be won, new friends to be made and neighbourhoods to explore!

We support local schools and families with Walk to School activities and events that support active travel options.

Walk to School is a free, easy, and fun way for kids to get the 60 minutes of exercise they need each day.

Find out more about Walk to School

Riding a bike in Moreland

Riding a bike is a great way to keep fit, save money and get around. According to research from Sydney University, commuting cyclists are twice as happy as people who drive, walk or use public transport to get to work.

On an average day in Moreland, more than 5000 people ride their bikes.

When more people use bikes to get around there are fewer vehicle emissions and the roads do a better job of moving people around. Getting more people riding is a goal of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy and it is part of our response the Climate Emergency Zero Carbon Evolution.

Our 10 Year Capital Works program for improvements to cycling routes was adopted at the June 2019 Council Meeting.

Where you can ride a bike in Moreland

We have a variety of different paths, and some of them are on streets with little volume and low speeds. Riding on these paths can be more relaxed than riding on major roads. The East Brunswick Shimmy is clearly marked with signs.

Find a map of Moreland's cycle paths

If you cycle often, it's a great idea to print out our pocket map and keep it with you when you ride.

Parking your bike

If you are riding your bike between places, you need somewhere to park it that is secure and close to where you're going. As part of our commitment to encouraging more sustainable travel, we are providing an extra 200 bike parking spaces each year.

We have also turned some on-street parking spaces into bicycle corrals. Bicycle corrals are parallel parking bays that can be used by 10 bikes, rather than just 2 cars. Having a bike corral outside your business is a really great way to show that you are committed to sustainable transport. You can contact us if you would like to set one up. Find out more about bicycle corrals in Moreland (PDF 240kb) .

You can also park at Glenroy, Fawkner and Coburg train stations with a Parkiteer access card. An access card will let you park your bike in an undercover and secure area at the station.

 Find out more about Parkiteer

Charging your electric bicycle

There is a power point near the bicycle parking at the Coburg Civic Centre. We put it there so you can charge your bike while you do business with us.  Look for the specially marked bay outside the Urquhart Street entrance.


Moreland Council conducts counts on its shared use paths and on-road bike lanes. These counts help Council to plan improvements for walkers and people who ride bikes.

These counts include:

  • An automated count on the Capital City Trail near Nicholson Street Fitzroy North. Data
  • A 7am to 9am count of bike rider movements at various road intersections.  Observations available for a mid-week day in March for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Data
  • A 7am to 7pm count of bike rider and walker movements on the Upfield Shared Path and Sydney Road. Obervations available for an Autumn weekday for 2015, 2017 and 2019. Data

The Department of Transport (VicRoads) also counts bikes using automated counters at selected locations.  Data.


When riding your bike you should always:

  • ride in a straight line
  • signal to other riders and drivers when you are turning a corner
  • be aware of car doors opening
  • wear bright clothes or hi vis
  • use your bike lights once it's dark
  • always wear a helmet

When driving a car or truck you should always

  • make sure everyone in the car looks for people riding bikes before opening your door
  • remember that you are sharing the road with bike riders
  • you need to be aware of what bike riders are doing

We want to keep people safe when they're a cycling, so it is important that you follow the VicRoads rules for cyclists.

Bike safety training

If you don't feel that confident or comfortable when riding a bike, you can take either a group or individual bike course through Cyclewise. Cyclewise offers free workshops on Victorian road rules, bike safety checks, safe riding in traffic, route planning and more.

For information about bicycle user groups and cycling clubs, see cycling in the Moreland Community Directory.

Further cycling resources