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Made in Moreland

The Made in Moreland collection celebrates Moreland’s vibrant creative culture by showcasing the potential and work of creative artists who have a significant and public connection (past or present) to Moreland. Creative artists include, but are not limited to: writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and musical performers.

Made in Moreland is a collection intended to be actively used rather than preserved for history. Items acquired for the collection are integrated into the lending collections at one or more of the five Moreland City Libraries. Works that substantially represent Moreland’s present or past history may also be added to the Local Studies collection.

Made in Moreland items are indicated by a Made in Moreland sticker and/or spine label and a note in the catalogue record identifying the work as part of the Made in Moreland collection.

Creative artists wishing to have their works included in the Made in Moreland collection should fill out the online form. The Made in Moreland collection will be developed in accordance with the criteria outlined in the Selection and Collection Development Policy, and Moreland City Libraries may not purchase copies of any or all works produced by local creative artists for the Made in Moreland collection. Donations may also be made in accordance with the Selection and Collection Development Policy.

Famous people of Moreland


  • Noel Counihan: Artist and political activist.
  • Staff at the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick can provide details of other well-known local artists.


  • B.A. Santamaria: Journalist and key political activist of 1950s. Spent early life in Brunswick.

Business-people and organisations

  • Hoffman Brickworks: One of many famous potteries operating in Brunswick in 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse: Bakeries in Sydney Road since 1913.
  • Franco Cozzo: Furniture retailer.
  • Holeproof factory: One of a number of textile factories in Brunswick during mid-20th century.
  • John Ilhan: Mobile phone entrepreneur. Founder of 'Crazy John's'. Owned mobile phone shop in Brunswick in 1990s.
  • Bob Jane: Racing car driver in 1960s and prominent businessman.
  • Kodak: Operated large site in Coburg during 20th century.
  • Mariana Hardwick: Dress designer. Recently refurbished Hooper Building in Sydney Road.
  • Whelan the Wrecker: Famous demolition company based in Sydney Road.

Children's and young adult authors

  • Sue DeGennaro
  • Andy Griffith
  • Martine Murray

Non-fiction writers

  • Roger Averill
  • Clare Boyd-Macrae
  • Robert Corbet
  • Catherine Deveny
  • Vasili Kanidiadis
  • Kevin Morgan
  • Joan Nestle


  • Les Barnes
  • Laurie Burchill
  • Laurie Cunningham

Novelists and short-story authors

  • Romy Ash
  • Tony Birch
  • Fiona Capp
  • Steven Carroll
  • Laurie Clancy
  • Rosalie Ham
  • Shane Maloney


  • Lisa Bellear
  • Kevin Brophy
  • Grant Caldwell
  • Angela Costi
  • Chris Wallace-Crabbe
  • Myron Lysenko

Film, literature and history

Key histories of Moreland

  • Almost Pretty: a history of Sydney Road by Laura Donati.
  • Brunswick: one history many voices edited by Helen Penrose.
  • Brunswick: stories and histories by the Brunswick Community History Group.
  • It happened in Brunswick by Les Barnes.
  • Coburg: between two creeks by Richard Broome.
  • Coburg memories edited by Laurie Burchill.
  • Broadmeadows: a forgotten history by Andrew Lemon.

Histories of some local organisations are also available. Check the catalogue for holdings. Some items may only be available in the Local History collection (not for loan).

Documentaries and DVDs about Moreland

  • Restoration and regeneration by Friends of the Merri Creek (2007)
  • The Vic and Vida Show: a tribute to the Brunswick Progress Association (2006)
  • Sydney Road: past, present and future (2005)

Fiction set in Moreland

These novels or short stories may have parts of Moreland (real or imagined) as part or whole of their setting.

  • The art of the engine driver; The gift of speed; The time we have taken; by Steven Carroll.
  • Death in Brunswick by Boyd Oxlade.
  • Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas.
  • The slightly true story of Cedar B. Hartley, and The slightly bruised glory of Cedar B. Hartley by Martine Murray.
  • Stiff; The brush off; Nice try; The big ask; Something fishy; Sucked in by Shane Maloney

Poetry set in Moreland

See works by Myron Lysenko and Kevin Brophy.

Films, telemovies or TV series set in Moreland

These works may use parts of Moreland (real or imagined) as part or whole of their setting.

  • Curtin [Telemovie] (2007)
  • Carla Cametti PD (2008)
  • Death in Brunswick [feature film] (1990)
  • Kick [TV series] (2007)
  • Stiff [Telemovie] (2005)

Works with references to Pentridge Prison

  • Correlli [dvd] [TV series] (1995). Filmed at Pentridge. Starred Hugh Jackman and Deborah-Lee Furness
  • Delinquent angel by Diana Georgeff. [Biography of Shelton Lea]
  • From Pentonville to Pentridge : the history of prisons in Victoria by Peter J. Lynn, George Armstrong.
  • H: the division from hell by Doug Robinson
  • The hanged man : the life and death of Ronald Ryan by Mike Richards
  • H.M. Central Sub-prison Pentridge : life behind the bluestone walls from 1800s-1980s by Bert Buckley
  • A knockabout priest : the story of Father John Brosnan by Tom Prior
  • The last man hanged : the life and tragic times of Ronald Ryan (1993) (DVD)
  • Little black bastard : a story of survival by Noel Tovey [autobiography]
  • Shantaram [fiction] by Gregory David Roberts.

Other items relating to Pentridge Prison are listed on the catalogue. Some may only be in the Local History Collection and not available for loan.


We actively collect recordings by local musicians. For full holdings search the library catalogue under 'Made in Moreland' in subject.


  • Catherine Deveny: Comedian and columnist.
  • Vasili Kanidiadis: Presenter of 'Vasili's Garden' and author of 'Vasili's garden: from the garden to the kitchen Mediterranean style'.


  • John Batman
  • John Fawkner


  • John Curtin: Australian Prime Minister. Spent early life in Brunswick.
  • Phil Cleary: Independent member for Wills.
  • Robert J. Hawke: Australian Prime Minister and Member for Wills.

Religious figures

  • Father John Brosnan: Chaplain at Pentridge Prison.


  • Raylene Boyle: Australian athlete.
  • Herb Elliott: Australian athlete. Former member of the Coburg Harriers.
  • Frank Sedgeman: World-famous tennis player in 1950s. Won Wimbledon in 1952. Lived in Brunswick.