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Urban Eats

Urban Eats unites multi-disciplinary artists as they explore the diversity of food throughout Melbourne in response to traditional, new and transformational waves of food culture. Created as a map of edible change and development, the exhibition showcases works made in response to the rich tapestry of cultural diversity found in Melbourne, enticing viewers to participate in experiences born from ritual, celebration and the sharing of food.

A basic human need, food and food culture unite us all. What we eat and how we eat it says much about our culture and social mores and the impact these spaces have on our wellbeing, routines and sense of place. This exhibition creates a visual and immersive experience of inner urban food makers and producers that we can all dig into!

  • Eddy Carroll
  • Samanta Bakker
  • Jessie DiBlasi
  • Robert Gale
  • Alasdair MacKinnon
  • Kenny Pittock
  • Lucy Roleff
  • Chloe Smith
  • Pauline Tran

IMAGE: Chloe Smith. Chiko Roll, 2017. Hand-sewn soft sculpture (wool and cotton). 28 x 12 cm. Courtesy of the artist



Counihan Gallery
Moreland City Council
Phone: 9359 8622

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