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Additional forms and resources

To apply for an event permit, there are several mandatory documents that you must submit to deliver an event on Council land.

Mandatory documents for low, medium, high risk events

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

Every event that is categorised as low, medium or high risk must have appropriate public liability insurance. PLI financially protects the event organisers/committee against loss should an incident occur.

A Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance of at least $20 million must be submitted to Moreland City Council along with your event permit application.

More information on public liability for community groups can be found by visiting Community Insurance or by contacting Community Insurance on 1300 853 800.

Risk Assessment

A risk management plan identifies all the potential risks that may arise from holding an event and then lists the steps event organisers will take to reduce or mitigate identified risks.

A risk can mean many things. For community events in Moreland the main risks to consider are anything that could:

  • cause harm to another person
  • cause damage to equipment, infrastructure or the event site, or
  • harm the future of the event organising committee and event itself.

The below templates have been developed to assist event organisers in completing their risk assessment:

Site Map

A site plan is an essential tool for planning your event. To create a plan, you can download an aerial photo from the internet or alternatively the Festivals Officer can provide you an image of an event site from which you can draw your map. This should be a ‘to-scale’ map of the event site, clearly marked with all elements of the event, including:  

  • The whole site including permanent and temporary fencing lines 
  • Public entry and exit points  
  • Footpaths and roadways on site 
  • Public roadway closures if required 
  • Power access/ generator locations if required 
  • Dimensions and placement of permanent and temporary infrastructure 
  • Amenities (toilets, ATM, first aid, water, emergency centre) 
  • Event communication centre (if applicable) 
  • Parking locations 
  • Food stalls, stages, programming and anything else your event will include.  
  • Emergency evacuation assembly points 

Events Guide

An Events Guide is being developed to assist event organiers in planning their events. 

Other permits

In addition to an event permit, you may require several other permits depending on the activities at your event.

Those listed here are the most frequently needed, the activities of your event may require you to obtain others not detailed here.

If you are uncertain that you have all the necessary permits for your event contact us for further advice.