Moreland City Council Show of Solidarity

Moreland City Council Show of Solidarity

Join us for a community vigil on Friday.

We are all shocked and deeply saddened by the attack in Christchurch.

Join us as we stand in solidarity to mourn, recognise and support the victims of the attack and show your support for our diverse Moreland community.

This event will be proudly hosted by Moreland Mayor Natalie Abboud.

Speakers will be:

  • Peter Khalil, Federal member for Wills.
  • Tim Read, State member for Brunswick.
  • Sheikh Alaa El Zokm, Board of Imams Victoria.

The Maghrib Evening Prayer will be lead after the gathering at 7.33pm for the whole community to join in if you would like to.

Moreland City Council, one community proudly diverse.

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