Noora Alsadoon Exhibition

Noora Alsadoon Exhibition

A collection of original artworks by the poet, writer, lawyer and artist Noora Alsadoon.

I am Iraqi poetry, writer and lawyer. I lived most my life in middle east between Iraq and Lebanon and I graduated from Basra law university and regarding to war circumstances and unstable life conditions I found myself pushed to translate many mixed feelings to art work or literature writing. 

Previously, I started writing as a hobby then I published two literature books one in Iraq and the second in Jordan and both of them met huge success which is made me believe in myself and my talent and that encouraged me to continue this path. 

Before I moved to Australia in 2013, I had a stroke and its effect, my ability to use my right hand and that was really depressing for me but my passion for Art and life was bigger, so I challenge myself and forced myself to use my hand again. 

I'd like to introduce my art work and share my experience with my new community in Australia. 

Also, I would like to thank Moreland City Council to give me this great opportunity. 

 - Noora Alsadoon, January 2019.

Suitable for

All ages


Noora Alsadoon, Artist
Mobile: 0434 273 916

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