Citizen Science Urban Microclimate

Citizen Science Urban Microclimate

Learn more about how you can be involved in research being undertaken by RMIT University.

Interested in being a citizen scientist?

We're looking for enthusiastic people to become citizen scientists and participate in microclimate measurement of your neighbourhood.

Why is this project important?

The number of of extreme hot days is predicted to increase significantly over the next few decades in all Australia cities with detrimental impacts on public health, mortality rates, energy demand and economy. 

What is involved?

You'll be participating in a 2 hour long measurement campaign, where you'll participate in a number of experiments.

How do I benefit?

Through participating n various experiments, you will be well-informed to respond to extreme heat through an understanding of the influential factors such as design features, greenery and materials affecting the local microclimate.


Citizen Science Project
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Further information

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