Rats in the Ranks Screening in the Brunswick Council Chambers

Rats in the Ranks Screening in the Brunswick Council Chambers

Rats in the Ranks is a film screening and live performance program presented by DEFF

The seated members of the DEFF (Dead End Film Festival) committee are extending a civil request for members of the Moreland community and surrounds to be in attendance at the Brunswick Council Chambers, on Friday September 27th.

The invitation is to offer the opportunity to bear witness to the officially documented account of the inner-city Sydney mayoral election, in the municipality of Eora, in the year 1994 viz. the critical documentary Rats in the Ranks (1996). In a rare occurrence, filmmakers Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson were granted unprecedented access to the Leichhardt council chambers and the 12 councillors operating within their walls.

What unfolds is a disquieting amount of poignant and petty parleys, impelling a filmic investigation into the decision making processes that still determine the make-up and direction of our local (and federal) governments. This screening is fittingly set to take place in the defunct Brunswick Council Chambers. Opened up for the first time in years, the space affords a tactile context for the observation and intake of the sights and sounds this event encompasses. Those in attendance will be led through a magisterial maze of attractions; a haunted house of bureaucracy.

Together with the main screening, these spectacles include a performance by the Moreland City Band, a group that has endured since its beginnings in 1882, and encompasses a range of musical styles and community members; a contemporary dance piece performed by Geoffrey Watson, who advocates for an ever increasing state of confusion in the already confounding landscapes of art, history and beauty; and a reading by Jo Pugh in reaction to the film, a writer whose work explores and centres queerness, brownness and marginalisation (intersections glaringly missing from the governmental concerns we see in Rats in the Ranks).The filmmakers said of their documentary: “This is not a film about ideological differences, and there’s very little mention of policy.”

In asking the community to bear witness to this screening and accompanying artistic demonstrations, DEFF is offering a glimpse into a world where ‘the ego’ and acts as a nucleus of all political functionality, and the blatantly neurotic behaviour central to any election.


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