History's Fakest Speeches: Turning Points

History's Fakest Speeches: Turning Points

Six comics deliver speeches from famous points in history – or from moments that never happened.

Prepare to warp the space-time continuum with these fictionalised speeches from pivotal moments in history, both real and imagined.

To keep us from tearing our hair out as we live through a time we couldn’t make up, six comics take the stage to deliver satirical sermons, raw rants and lewd lectures so fake they’re almost believable.

With Lauren Bok, Hella Ibrahim, Jayden Masciulli, Anna Piper Scott, Andy Connor and Sammaneh ‘Shampoo’ Poursh. Hosted by Scott Limbrick and Elyce Phillips. This event is part of the Emerging Writers' Festival, held 19–29 June across Melbourne.


Emerging Writers Festival and Great Speeches in History
Scott Limbrick
Email: scott.limbrick@gmail.com

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