Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

A group show by Xander Linger

Hiding and revealing, revealing and hiding. This group show seeks to uncover what is normally unseen, while also obscuring what is already known – both of the world around us and of the artist(s) them self. And the camera –by squeezing the universe into a tiny rectangular viewfinder and impressing it onto a layer of silver suspended in gelatine–is the perfect tool to expose, to confess and to mask and suppress.

Each wall of analogue-based photographs is dedicated to a different aspect of the practice and mind of the artist(s). From geometric abstracts, luminous studies of skin, and ominous waterfalls, to Rothko-like negative off-cuts and Absurdist cabbage leaves, and on to enlarged microscopic fungi, vastly minuscule horizons, truthful fictions, and hair-razing portraits, these diverse and seemingly non-sequitur walls are bound and bonded by this very idea of hiding and revealing, revealing and hiding.

While hiding in plain sight there will also be a place to sit and read some zines and photo books, opportunities –through out the duration of the exhibition– to help the artist(s) make some of the art not yet hanging on the walls, and to ‘purchase’ art, not through the archaic form of cash, cards, and bloody phones, but through cheeky, creative, and competitive bargaining.

Opening Night is Thursday 21 November 2019 between 7pm-10pm.


NOIR Darkroom
Jessica Schwientek

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