Hands-On Gardening School Holiday Program

Hands-On Gardening School Holiday Program

For teens 13+, get to build your own garden box and learn how to grow vegetables at home

The Ecological Justice Hub in Brunswick is hosting three activity-packed days during the school holidays for students 13 years and older.

It's a hands-on opportunity to learn about sustainability, ecosystems and to get your hands dirty in the garden. Students will build their own garden box, learn skills to grow fresh veggies and herbs at home, and join in a healthy lunch cooked on-site with produce from the garden.

Activities will include:

  • Designing and building your own garden box - cultivating skills in design, carpentry, building and project planning
  • Participating in the garden's seasonal activities - learning about all the elements needed to grow food in healthy soil, from planting, seed propagating to harvesting
  • The art of composting - everything you need to know about making healthy soil and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, by turning food scraps and garden waste into rich compost.
  • Learning about mushrooms and their dynamic life cycle - a unique opportunity to learn about how mushrooms contribute to a healthy ecosystem and what you need to grow them in the city.

Lunch will be prepared on the day using fresh produce from the garden. Students will be given the option to participate in preparing lunch, and learn a few low-waste and sustainable cooking skills along the way.


Ecological Justice Hub
Stuart R. Muir Wilson, Project Officer - Ecological Justice Hub
Phone: 0487 245 590
Mobile: 0487 245 590
Email: ecojusticehub@jss.org.au

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