Drawing for Beginners with Lucy Piper

Drawing for Beginners with Lucy Piper

A beginner's drawing class covering invaluable techniques with Lucy Piper

Come and join us for a 2-hour beginner's drawing class with Lucy Piper (Instagram: @graphite_and_wood_)

Designed for beginners, this class will introduce some essentials for people wanting to improve their drawing skills. Covering techniques such as shading and choosing pencils, Drawing for Beginners will step you through the stages of layering a drawing to create depth and realism.

Drawing for Beginners acknowledges that every student possesses their own unique interests and style, and encourages integration of skills learnt in this class, with experimentation and exploration to develop your own unique works of art.

space+time will provide everything you need to get started. There are only 8 spots available, so book now so you don't miss out! The class will be held alongside our open crafting session.

For more information about the open crafting lounge, please refer to the event page.

The session will take place in Workroom 1 at Siteworks. Please note:

  • This room is wheelchair accessible.
  • Crafters of all levels are welcome (if you're not sure if you'll be welcome, you are!)
  • Class admission is $25.
  • Food and drinks not provided, however there is a kitchen downstairs where you can get yourself a cuppa and heat up some food you've brought along.
  • Parking: There is parking available off Dawson Street, directly opposite the Brunswick Baths (right outside Howler). From 6pm, it's free! Once you arrive at Siteworks (it looks like an old school), walk straight through the big gate you'll find on Saxon Street and head down the first pathway you see on your right. Enter the big wooden double doors. You'll now be in the reception area, where they can help you. We're upstairs in Workroom 6, roughly in the middle of the corridor. We'll have posters to help you find us!
  • Please note that Siteworks is a community space, so you are all welcome to have a look around and explore!
  • The building is locked after 8pm, so let us know if you're going to be late and we can let you in.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please email us at hello@space-plus-time.com or send us a message.


Gabriella Joustra, Organiser
Phone: 0405224945
Email: hello@space-plus-time.com

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