Cut, Copy, Paste #2

Cut, Copy, Paste #2

The Art of the Zine

Cut, Copy, Paste is back for it's second art exhibition at NOIR Darkroom.

Zines are a popular form of self publication in Melbourne (and the world) and are often vastly underestimated for their intricate hand made and personalised details. Cut, Copy, Paste #2 is about showing these beautiful handmade books as the art forms they are in a dedicated art exhibition. NOIR Darkroom is accepting Zine submissions now from local and interstate artists who would like to show their works in the exhibition. Artists should provide a 'display' copy of their zine and up to 5 copies that may be available for sale during the exhibition. Artists may also submit one original artwork or poster per zine entry that relates to or is part of their zine.

This work will displayed on the gallery wall behind each zine. Cut, Copy, Paste #2 will exhibit at NOIR Darkroom from May 15th - May 26th 2019, with opening night on May 17th.


NOIR Darkroom

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