Closing Night: Staying Gold

Closing Night: Staying Gold

Closing Night of Emerging Writers' Festival.

The sun is setting on the Emerging Writers’ Festival 2019. Celebrate the twilight hour with us in a wild and immersive evening of literature, performance and dance set amidst shimmering visions of speculative futures.

Featuring live art, installation and a suite of surprises, followed by a dynamite dancefloor curated by the masterminds behind Precog, Kōtare (fka DJ Sezzo) and Matka. We hope to see you dressed to impress and sparkling in gold as we go down swinging after another year! Readings by Manisha Anjali, Eugen Bacon, Shel Calopa, SJ Finch Hosted by Emily Munro-Harrison Beats by Precog: Kōtare (fka DJ Sezzo) & Matka


Emerging Writers' Festival
Aïsha Trambas, Marketing and publicity coordinator
Phone: 0390947839

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