Cladding Conversations

The Builder Collective of Australia presents this event where you can learn more about cladding.

Builders Collective of Australia, present a public event comprising an expert panel with a primary purpose to discuss the causes, consequences and solutions to flammable cladding. The expert panel draws together a range of perspectives to help illuminate how the flammable cladding problem came about, what the range of consequences are, and what could or should be done to fix it.

Speakers will discuss government, consumer, academic and industry-based insights into different aspects of the combustible cladding challenge. The discussion will cover questions around the building industry, litigation, regulation, owners corporations, fire engineering, consumer rights, and planning processes.

The event will comprise a short facilitated panel discussion, but more importantly it then gives residents and the wider Victorian community a chance to particpate in an audience discussion on the issue.


Builders Collective of Australia

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