What is public art?

Public art is art and design displayed in public spaces like parks, streets, buildings and other areas the public uses. It does not include art and design in museums and galleries.

Public art can be in many forms including sculpture, painting, installation works, and design that has a practical use, such as a chair on the street.

Public art uses traditional methods, like weaving, woodwork and printmaking. Public art also uses modern methods like computer projections and digital printing.

Public art can be permanent, like a stone sculpture, or it can temporary, like a paper sculpture. 

Why we have public art in Moreland

Council believes that public art: 

  • makes public areas more attractive
  • lets us enjoy public spaces more
  • celebrates our cultural identity
  • gives us pride in our public spaces
  • challenges perceptions and prejudices
  • reflects contemporary ideas about public art, and
  • tries to use sustainable materials and be accessible to everyone.

Council public art program

As well as the Moreland public art collection, Council runs the annual Art in Public Places program. This includes projects like the MOREART public art show, public art commissions, and temporary installations of public art.

If you want to know more about how Council commissions public art, see the:

For further information about Council's involvement in public art, download the: