Reimagining your career with Kath Melbourne (MiiM)

Reimagining your career with Kath Melbourne (MiiM)

Making It In Moreland is a series of free online workshops and discussions for local Artists.

As thousands of independent artists find themselves without employment, and the Arts sector grapples with the slow return of operational venues and galleries, many of us are asking "What do we do now?" How do we continue to build our skills and generate an income now and into the future?

Join Kath Melbourne for a thought provoking workshop that explores alternative income sources that work alongside your arts practice. In the session we will exchange some tools to help work out the best option for you in the short and long term. We'll take stock of your skills and experience, and how we might communicate them to other industries. 

We'll discover how you might harness some of the opportunities such as Working for Victoria, and how your side hustle could supplement your main game. Is this a short term change or a long term one?  We'll discuss that too. There's no right or wrong answer- only one that sees you survive this time and become more sustainable because of it!

Workshop attendees will also have the opportunity to book in a FREE half-hour, one-on-one online meeting* with Kath to discuss general career counselling advice on Friday 5 June.

*Kath will need to know a little about you, so you will be asked to provide your linkedIn profile and/or website address with your booking information.   

Kath Melbourne (
Kath Melbourne is an Australian advisor and consultant whose work spans the creative industries, government and not for profit sectors. She provides strategic, business and operational advice and brokers collaborations, partnerships and stakeholder relationships. 

Kath is particularly proficient in industries that have high levels of emotional investment and those in which innovation and creative thinking are essential for success. She is passionate about developing adaptive resilience in individuals and organisations to help them manage change, amplify their vision, foster innovation and implement pragmatic and sustainable change.  

Kath has held leadership roles in organisations such as The Australia Council for the Arts, Legs On the Wall, Platform Youth Theatre and Melbourne Fringe. She counts within her current client list a diverse range of organisations and individuals including The Taste of Tasmanian, The Think+Do Tank Foundation, The British Council, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Diversity Arts Australia, Cobden Shire and The House That Dan Built.

Suitable for

Artists, musicians, film makers, writers, makers, designers, creative practitioners, event managers and arts professionals


Moreland City Council
Angela Pamic, Arts Officer, Arts and Culture
Phone: 9240 2486

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