Artist Talks

Artist Talks

Join us for free artist talks at the Counihan Gallery.

The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick is pleased to invite you to hear from current exhibiting artists Simon Grennan and Ash Coates in our free artist talks.

Simon Grennan will discuss his exhibition Almost like a reality: The Landscape and its Subjects , a suite of oil painting addressing the post colonial landscape, a site of forensic observation and encounter rather than a purely aesthetic proposition.

Ash Coates will deliver a presentation on his animation "Mycolinguistics (Rubico-Sterelosis or Oneness)" which can be seen nightly on the Counihan Gallery's Winter Night Screen facing Sydney Road.

Unfortunately, Kirstin Berg is unable to join us for the talks due to conflicting commitments however her exhibition The Dreamers: New Landscapes is also on display.

About our current exhibitions:

Gallery one:

The Dreamers: New Landscapes 

Kirstin Berg

Reclaimed and scavenged materials are transformed into an immersive landscape, a wake-up call to mindless consumption and a prompt for reinvention and environmental action.

Gallery two: 

Almost like a reality: The Landscape and its Subjects 

Simon Grennan

A re-examination of the landscape painting tradition through the lens of forensics and personal subjectivity proposes the landscape as unfixed, and rather as a series of encounters.

2018 Winter Night Screen Project 

Night Visions 

Ash Coates | Freya Pitt | Mark Rodda | Deborah White
Curated by Carmen Reid

The Winter Night Screen Project is an annual screening event for the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick that showcases visually dynamic video works through the winter evenings. Each year a curated program of moving images are taken out of the gallery and projected onto the Brunswick Town Hall Window, visible to passers-by from Sydney Road after dark.

Night Visions offers escape from the dark through an enchanting program of animations and experimental video works by four Melbourne based artists. These dream-scapes evoke the hypnagogic state experienced immediately before sleep and “the visionary scenes that pass before us” as eloquently described by Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist. They invite wandering minds to enter vividly imagined worlds where feet don’t touch the ground and imagery unfolds with the compelling logic of a recurring dream.

Screening nightly 19 July - 19 August, 5.30 – 10 pm
Brunswick Town Hall Window
233 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Image above: Simon Grennan. Opening 2017. Oil on canvas, 46 x31.5 cm. Courtesy the artist 

Image previous page: Simon Grennan. Mutual Contamination 2017. Oil on canvas, 138 X 152cm. Courtesy the artist

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