The Space We Live, the Air We Breathe

The Space We Live, the Air We Breathe

This exhibition brings seven Moreland artists together.

This exhibition brings together seven Moreland artists who have forged extensive careers, with both national and international recognition. It reveals the way our histories and the spaces we inhabit intertwine. Our community includes an everexpanding number of artists whose work reflects and questions what we do and see; helping us absorb change and acknowledge the space and people that surround us.

The Space We Live, The Air We Breathe is a poetic rendering of the creative life of Moreland. Importantly, the artists in this show are social commentators, forever casting an eye on their social and political surrounds. The artworks included build an interesting dialogue, emphasising Moreland as a hotbed of creative and socio-political discourse.

Curated by Matthew Perkins & Jan Duffy

  • Naomi Eller
  • Raafat Ishak
  • Louise Paramor
  • Helga Groves
  • Taree Mackenzie
  • Steven Rendall
  • Leslie Eastman

IMAGE: Taree MackenziePepper’s Ghost, 2018. Triangles, cyan and red, acrylic, MDF, reflective tint, LEDs, mirror ball motor, paint, wood, vinyl, light box elements, reflective screen, hanging sculptures, brackets. Dimensions variable. Photo: Christo Crocker. Courtesy of the artist, photographer and Neon Parc


Counihan Gallery
Moreland City Council
Phone: 9389 8622

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