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Prickly Paperbark

Melaleuca styphelioides

  • D. Greig, ©Australian National Botanical Gardens
  • ©'Daderot', 2014


Small to medium oval shaped 4-10m. Layer, papery grey and cream bark with dark green, spiney leaves and light yellow and white bottlebrush flowers


Tree locations and purpose
Front or back garden Yes
Driveway No
Narrow space No
Courtyard No
Screening No
Canopy for shading Yes
Planter box with irrigation No
Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Yes
Tree locations and purpose
Family Myrtaceae
Tree origin Native
Tree shape
Tree type
Tree size (at maturity) Medium tree 8-15m
Minimum ground area (m²) 25
Canopy area (m² at maturity) 50
Average height (at maturity) 10
Average width (at maturity) 8
Spacing 8-12m
Star rating

This tree is on Council’s list of recommended species for planting in Moreland. 

We recommend you choose the right tree for your space, but when you have more than one tree to choose from, select the tree with the highest star rating.

The Tree Finder tool is one way Council is working to increase tree canopy across Moreland



Image in the top left is sourced from and copyright to the Australian Plant Image Index (APII), Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Image in the top right is sourced from Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license.