Significant tree register

We are committed to the protection of significant trees in order to retain and enhance the overall landscape quality of the municipality for future generations.

Moreland Council is taking action to protect and plant more trees on public land in streets and parks. You can learn more about this in our Urban Forest Strategy 2017-2027 (PDF 9Mb).

To recognise, celebrate and protect significant trees on privately owned land, Council is establishing a Significant Tree Register of trees to be protected in the Moreland Planning Scheme.

How long do I have to make a nomination?

We're accepting tree nominations until Friday 18 October 2019.

What land is included?

The project is focussed on trees on private land, rather than on Council and other public land which is managed in a variety of other ways. Any tree on private land that is under the control of the Moreland Planning Scheme may be considered for the Significant Tree Register.

What is a tree?

A tree is a woody perennial usually having one dominant trunk and a mature height greater than 5 metres.

What types of trees will be considered?

Moreland City Council recognises the benefits of a diverse urban forest and therefore the Significant Tree Register is open to all tree species.

What's the criteria for a significant tree?

For trees to be included on the Significant Tree Register, they may be of scientific, social, historic or aesthetic significance.

  • Scientific - is the tree an important source or seed? Is it a rare species or variety? Is the tree outstanding for its size?

  • Social - is the tree in a unique location? Does the tree make a contribution to landscape? Is it associated with Aboriginal activities? Is it an important landmark?  Spiritual and religious associations?

  • Historic - does the tree form part of an historic park, garden or town? Is it associated with an important event, person, group or institution?

  • Aesthetic - is it just a really great looking tree? Or does it have unique features?

Why would I want to protect a tree on my property?

Trees provide social, environmental, economic and ecological benefits to the Moreland community and are an asset to ensure the long-term vibrancy and liveability of Moreland. Not only do urban trees provide substantial environmental benefits, they can also help to reduce energy costs, increase property values, and provide aesthetic and amenity value.

What if someone else nominates a tree on my property and I don’t want it to be protected?

Nominations will be assessed by a qualified arborist, and if considered significant, will be recommended for protection in the planning scheme.

The planning scheme amendment process includes writing to affected property owners, allowing property owners to make a submission and have their submission considered by an independent Panel.

What is the implication of identifying significant trees in the Moreland Planning Scheme

A planning permit would be required to remove, destroy or lop a significant tree. The significance of the tree would be considered in the assessment of the application. If an application is refused there are appeal rights.

Will I be notified of the outcome?

Once your nomination has been assessed by an independent qualified arboricultural consultant, you will be notified of the outcome. This could take up to 12 months.

For more information please get in touch with us on 9384 9215 or email

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