Recycling collection

Council collects recycling bins every week from residential properties in Moreland. Your recycling bin has a yellow lid.

Council’s kerbside recycling service collects items which are then sorted into the different types of material.

An annual waste charge is included in your rates notice. This charge helps fund the Council kerbside collection services. Council also collects recycling bins from non-residential rateable properties subject to payment of the waste charge.

Upsized recycling bins temporarily suspended

Until 1 July 2021 Council will not be accepting any size change requests for recycling.  If you would like to request a larger recycling bin please contact Council after 1 July 2021.

In the interim please make efforts to reduce the amount of recycling you produce in your household or business. To save space in your recycling bin fold down and compact recyclable material before it goes into your bin.

Information on drop off points for household recyclables is available on the recycling points page of our website.

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Where to find more information

The Residential Kerbside Waste Services booklet (PDF 1Mb) provides everything you need to know about your kerbside waste services as well as information on composting, bin placement, hard waste collection and your local transfer stations. You can download a copy or contact Council to request a printed version.

The Waste Services in the City of Moreland brochure (PDF 2Mb) provides information on what to do with items that cannot be placed in your kerbside bins. You can download a copy or contact Council to request a printed version.