Plastic Wise sports clubs

Council developed a Plastic Wise Policy (DOC 87Kb) in April 2019. Its aim is to transition Council facilities, services and events away from single-use plastic, and to promote alternatives, where possible. 

What does this mean for sports clubs within Moreland?

Sports clubs within Moreland will be asked to make the pledge to become ‘Proudly Plastic Wise’, reducing and eliminating targeted single-use plastic items.

Clubs will be invited to Council-run information sessions (running until April) to explain the policy in more detail and understand any issues your club may have in transitioning to the policy.

Eliminating single-use plastic may seem challenging, but Council can assist your club in transitioning to the policy, with tips for making the change and support implementing the more complex changes.

Plastic Wise sports clubs information sheet

Plastic Wise Sports clubs thumb
(Plastic Wise sports clubs info sheet) (PDF 284Kb)

Simple changes your club can make as you transition to the Policy:

  • Don’t offer plastic straws, if you need them at all use paper straws
  • Sell reusable drink bottles or provide jugs of water at the bar or canteen, with reusable cups
  • Use paper plates instead of plastic, and use wooden cutlery or reduce waste by providing reusable crockery 
  • Transition plastic bottled soft drinks over to available alternatives, such as cans