Where Moreland's carbon emissions come from

Carbon emissions in Moreland come from:

  • electricity use (unless you are purchasing 100 per cent GreenPower)
  • gas use
  • transport, such as petrol, diesel or gas powered vehicles
  • disposal of waste, and
  • some other industrial processes.

Where do the Moreland community's carbon emissions come from?

Moreland Energy Foundation has estimated the greenhouse gas emissions that the Moreland community is responsible for producing.

Where do our carbon emissions come from?

Greenhouse gas emissions in 2010

Electricity 49% 735 kT
Transport 34% 500 kT
Gas 11% 171 kT
Waste 6% 85 kT
Total 100% 1491 kT

Who is responsible for our emissions?

Who is responsible for the carbon emissions?

Greenhouse gas emissions in 2010

Residential 55% 813 kT
Commercial 24% 351 kT
Industrial 20% 295 kT
Public transport 2% 32 kT
Total 100% 1491 kT

Carbon emissions from Council operations

Moreland City Council is directly responsible for carbon emissions through the operation of its buildings, leisure centres, fleet vehicles and other activities.

Carbon emissions from Council pie chartCarbon emissions from Council operations 2012-13

Source of carbon emissions %
Street lighting 38%
Electricity 27%
Transport fuels 10%
Contractor fuels 8%
Natural gas 5%
Water 5%
Electricity (scope 3 emissions) 3%
Electricity (Council has no operational control) 1%
Stationary fuels 1%
Other 2%