Energy efficiency projects

Since 2009, Council has been progressively improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and street lights through:

  • Public lighting upgrades to LED
  • Council building energy efficiency retrofits at Moreland Civic Centre, Brunswick Town Hall and Library, Coburg Leisure Centre and Fawkner Leisure Precinct.

Public lighting upgrades to LED

Over 2015 to 2016 a massive public lighting upgrade took place across the municipality.

Over 7700 minor road public lights in Moreland’s streets were upgraded from the old 80watt Mercury Vapour technology to the new 18 watt high efficiency LED street lights. The performance of the new lights is so outstanding that they not only reduce energy consumption by 75 per cent saving 3,700 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs each year, they have also improved the quality of the light which has improved safety for pedestrians and road users.

Council also has a rolling program to improve the public lighting in our open space and parklands by installing more efficient and more reliable LED technology. Typically two to three parks are upgraded each year.

Council building energy efficiency retrofits

Since 2011, Council has carried out energy efficiency works at iconic community sites across the municipality.

These works are transforming the energy efficiency of Council’s high profile community hubs, which have now contributed to Council achieving a reduction of over 1000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Below are examples of some of the projects implemented under the Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan 2015-20 and original Carbon Management Strategy that Council has carried out to improve energy efficiency.


Moreland Civic Centre, Coburg

Moreland Civic Centre is an iconic heritage building of Moreland City Council and as the biggest energy user in Moreland’s building portfolio has been a focal point of Councils policies and objectives in environmental sustainability over the past seven years.

Since the establishment of the original Carbon Management Strategy in 2010 and subsequent Carbon Reduction Plan 2015, energy efficiency measures implemented at the Moreland Civic Centre have included:

  • Building Management System upgrade
  • High efficiency heating ventilation and cooling system upgrades
  • Double glazing retrofits
  • Insulation upgrades
  • Voltage Power Optimisation installation
  • LED lighting retrofits
  • 129kW Solar PV installation

As a result of these measures the energy consumption across the civic centre precinct has reduced by almost 50 per cent from the 2010 baseline contributing significantly to Moreland’s overall emissions reduction target.

View Solar panels at Moreland Civic Centre (MP4 83Mb) (MP4 83Mb) (MP4 83Mb).

Moreland Civic Centre solar panels

Brunswick Town Hall and Library

Heating, cooling and building energy management system improvement works at the Brunswick Town Hall, library, office and gallery complex have been implemented and are producing outstanding results in energy reductions.

The new thermal heating and cooling plant at Brunswick Town Hall is shown in the photo on the right.

Comparing the costs of operating the building at full capacity in 2012 with the latest figures reveals a 35 per cent reduction in baseline electricity consumption and a massive 50 per cent reduction in gas consumption. 

With better management of the energy resources, comfort levels have also been improved as temperatures and air quality are more consistent and aligned with Council’s Indoor Thermal Comfort Policy which was developed in 2010 as a balance of comfort and economy. The policy applies to all Council-owned and operated buildings.

The Brunswick Town Hall and Library community hub was chosen as a major focus on energy efficiency upgrades because of its high profile and significant greenhouse gas reduction opportunities.

In 2016 a 99kW Solar PV system was installed to further reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result during certain times of the year (particularly spring and autumn) the solar system regularly supplies all the buildings electricity requirements in the middle four hours of the business day.

For further details download:

Thermal heating and cooling plant at Brunswick Town Hall

Coburg Leisure Centre

Pool CoversThe Coburg Leisure Centre was also included in the scope of works due to its high community use and energy saving opportunities. Council double glazed the windows in the pool hall and added pool blankets to reduce heat loss from the pool. The centre also received a comprehensive lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and thermal pool plant upgrade.

The lighting was upgraded to the latest LED technologies with some added control mechanisms. The HVAC system was upgraded to high efficiency reverse cycle systems incorporating full economy cycles, variable speed fans, variable refrigerant flow and heat exchanger technology.

The thermal pool plant had new high efficiency condensing boilers installed that are the most efficient and lowest emissions method of converting natural gas into useable heat.

The results at have been outstanding, both electricity and gas consumption have decreased by over 20 per cent compared with the periods before the upgrades.

The final stage was to install an 80kW solar PV system which has made the centre one of the most efficient public aquatic centres.

For further details download:

Coburg LC Boiler upgradeHigh efficiency reverse cycle air conditioner with heat exchange technology

Fawkner Leisure Precinct

Council has also future proofed the low carbon energy supply at the Fawkner community hub - leisure centre, library and senior citizens centre - with additions such as pool blankets, double glazing, efficient lighting and improvements to the heating, cooling and air conditioning across the precinct.    

The photos below show the before and after effects of the newly installed double glazing. Condensation has significantly reduced, which demonstrates the reduction in heat loss. 

Clever energy efficiency measures like these and many others are saving Moreland City Council over $300,000 each year (based on savings from energy efficiency measures implemented since 2011). These savings allow us to reinvest in community projects. Not only do these projects save money but they also reduce our impact on the environment, and provide benefits to the community such as improvements in thermal comfort.

Council has also installed interactive kiosks which provide energy efficiency information for the community. The kiosks are installed at both the Brunswick and Coburg Libraries.  

For further details download:

before double glazing fawkner leisure centre

double glazing fawkner leisure centre

Fact sheets

We have produced fact sheets about our activities to improve energy efficiency at our centres: