Reducing the community's emissions

Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy

In June 2014, Council endorsed the Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy that maps out an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions across the Moreland community by 22 per cent by 2020.

This target will enable our community to be on track for zero carbon by 2045 in line with state, national and international targets to help keep global temperature rises to under two degrees.

The Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy is based on 5 key strategies:

  1. Generating local renewable energy
  2. Using energy efficiently
  3. Low emissions transport
  4. Minimising the urban heat island effect, and
  5. Activating the community to reduce emissions.

Transitioning to a zero carbon future requires everyone in Moreland to take action, from residents and businesses to schools and community groups. It will also require significant investment and action from all levels of government.

Council Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy documents:

What is our carbon budget? To have just a break-even, 50:50 chence of staying below 2C of global warming, we must keep most of the world's fossil fuel reserves in the ground. The world need to leave 62% of fossil fuels in the ground. The world needs to leave 88% of coal in the ground. At the current rate We will blow our carbon budjet within the next two decades or even sooner

Get involved in creating our low-carbon community in Moreland!

Council is working closely with the Moreland Energy Foundation to support local people to reduce their carbon footprint. The Moreland Energy Foundation’s Positive Charge service provides practical advice and support to help you to use less energy, generate your own solar power or to take other steps to create a low-carbon community in Moreland.

Give the Moreland Energy Foundation a call on (03) 9385 8585 to find out how you can be involved!

Working in partnership with local organisations

Council works in partnership with our local environment organisations to respond to the challenges of climate change:

How can you play your part?

To find out what’s happening across Moreland and how you can play your part in our community’s shift to zero carbon visit Moreland Zero Carbon

Playing your part in the shift to zero carbon will help you save money as well as the planet. It can also improve yur comfort and health. Getting insulation, LED lights or solar panels is an investment in everyone’s future.

Our top energy saving tips are available here in English (PDF 198Kb), Italian (PDF 201Kb), Arabic (PDF 220Kb) and Greek (PDF 270Kb).

Brunswick based energy experts Positive Charge can advise you on which measures are right for you and make it easy for you to take action by linking you up with quality suppliers.

If you would like to find out more about how you can contribute, save energy and dollars in your home or workplace call Moreland Energy Foundation on 9385 8555.