Reducing the community's emissions

Moreland Council and community – responding together for a safe climate

Climate change is a dangerous threat to earth’s people, plants and animals.

More extreme heatwaves, flash floods and loss of reliable seasonal rains are just some of the impacts hurting our people and wildlife. 

However, more and more households, businesses and councils are facing the urgent challenge of responding to the climate emergency, together.

Moreland City Council is ramping up action to support neighbourhoods, businesses and organisations rapidly reduce their climate pollution by: introducing kerbside collection of food waste; creating and upgrading shared paths to make cycling and walking easier; supporting sustainability action in local schools; facilitating community food gardens in our parks; installing electric vehicle charging stations for resident use; piloting community owned solar energy systems and much more.

There is much we can do collectively at a local and regional level to reduce our carbon pollution.  Importantly, we can all play a role in demanding State and Federal Governments put in place key policies to enable Moreland (and Australia) to transition to Zero Carbon at emergency speed.

By joining together to respond to the climate emergency and play our part in transforming our society and economy to restore a safe climate, we can help ensure our city and our planet is a place we can all enjoy.

Climate Emergency: We are committed to urgent action

Moreland Council is one of thousands of governments and organisations acknowledging that we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action by all levels of government and society. Moreland has a long and proud history of leadership action on climate change and environmental sustainability.  We acknowledge the need to step up further. We will be engaging more deeply to support our community to take individual and collective action and collaborating in our advocacy to State and Federal Government for urgent and effective policy and legislative reform. 

We acknowledge the scale and speed of transformation needed to change our energy markets, our economy, our legislation, and our lifestyles to eliminate and draw down greenhouse gas emissions. This requires a nationwide and global emergency response.

We recognise that effective engagement and mobilisation of civil society and businesses in campaigning to demand emergency-mode action on climate change is critical. It is the foundation for the ‘political will’ required to prioritise action for a safe climate above the vested interests of the fossil fuel lobby. We aim to play our part in moving beyond an incremental approach to transitioning our society.  

Strategic objectives

In September 2018 Council adopted the Zero Carbon Moreland 2040 Framework which sets the vision, principles, direction for efforts to realise a zero carbon Moreland by 2040. In the 2040 Framework Council “acknowledges we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action by all levels of government, including local Councils”.

The 2040 Framework sets medium-term priorities to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions relating to three strategic directions:

  • Energy Transition: Efficient and 100% Renewably Powered Energy
  • Sustainable Transport: Active or Zero Emissions Transport
  • Waste and Consumption: Circular Economy with Zero Waste

2040 Framework

The 2040 Framework (adopted in September 2018) outlines an evocative vision of a zero carbon Moreland by 2040.

The 2040 Framework clarifies 3 strategic directions with 2040 goals:

  1. Energy transitionEfficient and 100% renewably powered energy;
  2. Sustainable transportActive or zero emissions transport; and
  3. Waste and consumptionCircular economy with zero waste.

The 2040 Framework defines five principles to underpin decision-making and ensure the pathway to zero emissions contributes positively to an equitable, resilient, cohesive and healthy Moreland, reducing the risk of unintended or perverse outcomes.

ZCM Action Plan for 2020/21 – 2024/25

This Zero Carbon Moreland Climate Emergency Action Plan 2020/21 2024/25 (ZCM Action Plan) (PDF 2Mb) outlines key initiatives and programs for the first five year period of the Zero Carbon Moreland 2040 Framework, adopted by Council in September 2018. Before being finalised it was subject to extended consultation with our community and stakeholders.

The ZCM Action Plan summarises key activities to influence and reduce community wide greenhouse gas emissions across Energy, Transport and Waste sectors. The ZCM Action Plan aligns with the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (2019) and Waste and Litter Strategy (2018).

The ZCM Action Plan proposes specific and measurable goals for Community and Council (with our partners) to strive to achieve by 2025. Council will continue to partner and collaborate with others, including Australian Energy Foundation (formerly MEFL), CERES Environment Park and other neighbouring councils, to bring people together to learn, engage and act. As always, Council will continue striving to walk the talk in its own services, facilities and operations, with key initiatives in waste services, fleet and buildings.

Zero Carbon Evolution - Refresh to 2020

The ZCM Refresh to 2020 (PDF 5Mb) strategy provides a Refresh to the 2014 Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy for significant carbon reduction in Moreland. The Strategy steps out an updated, whole of a community plan for ambitious carbon reduction to 2020.