Climate change impacts in Moreland

Climate change will have an impact on everyone in Moreland – residents, businesses, community groups and visitors.

In Moreland, we are already feeling the effects of climate change.

Environmental changes

Over the coming decades, scientists are telling us to expect:

  • more frequent and intense heatwaves
  • changes in rainfall and run-off, and
  • more severe weather events including droughts, fires, storms and floods.

Health and wellbeing impacts

But climate change is not just an environmental problem. It presents substantial risk to our whole society, including our health and wellbeing and the economy.

The impacts of climate change are likely to include loss of life, physical and mental health impacts, reduced primary production, property damage, coastal inundation and loss of essential infrastructure for power, transport and communications.

Biodiversity and habitat

Climate change will also have negative impacts on biodiversity, habitat and the health of natural ecosystems.

Council and residents can work together on a local level to reduce climate change. Council's Zero Carbon Evolution Strategy outlines priorities to reduce the Moreland community's emissions. It is up to all of us to work together to be part of the solution.