Community litter collections

Council support for community litter collections

Council supports community members who safely collect litter within Moreland. 

We can provide a collection if you contact Council in advance or complete the form below to organise a pick up location.

Litter collection during restrictions

Although community events are not currently allowed, it is still possible to collect litter under physical distancing restrictions.

Merri Creek Management Committee have created a Merri Creek Community Litter Cleans Ups COVID style Facebook page for up to date guidance and support on safely organising, within COVID directions, your own household or solo litter clean up.

The page includes safety tips, equipment advice, safe sites and litter hot spots, how to dispose of cleaned up litter safely and sustainably, and how to make citizen science contributions. Search for @MerriCreekLitterCleanUps

Register your community litter collection event

If you have a community litter collection we encourage you to register your event with Friends of Merri Creek and add it to Council's online events calendar.

Registering your event with Friends of Merri Creek provides you with coverage under their public liability insurance and access to their litter clean up kit, which contains gloves, high vis vests, bags, first aid equipment and data sheets.

Many additional resources are available on the Friends of Merri Creek website such as a voluteer registration form and site safety checklist along with other information to help you keep safe when collecting litter.

Friends of Merri Creek can also provide assistance promoting your event and other helpful advice and resources for the safe collection of littered items.

For further information and to register please visit the Friends of Merri Creek website.

Community Litter Collection



Clean Up Australia Day collections

Council encourages community members, schools and businesses to participate in the annual Clean Up Australia Day events and can help by picking up collected litter.

Clean Up Australia also provide resources for litter collection events every day of the year. Register your site with Clean Up Australia to receive a Clean Up Kit containing:

  • 10-20 clean up bags (half white bags and half yellow recycling bags)
  • 4-5 pairs of gloves
  • A sharps container (if requested)
  • A hi-vis vest (a fashionable safety accessory that helps people identify the Site Supervisor)
  • Paperwork kit