Household furniture

Donate good quality furniture to an op shop in Moreland. Leaving furniture outside of store opening hours or at donation bins is illegal. You could be reported and fined for dumping rubbish.

Council collects damaged furniture during the annual kerbside hard waste collection once a year. Wait to receive your notice before placing hard waste on the naturestrip. There is a limit of one cubic metre of waste (e.g. two washing machines side by side) and one mattress per household.

You can also dispose of damaged furniture by taking it to recycling centres and landfills.

Office furniture

A number of companies and charities can assist with office furniture removal for resale or recycling.

  • ReStore Habitat for Humanity will accept new and slightly used furniture and building materials for resale. Contact ReStore Habitat for Humanity on 9872 3530 or email Habitat for Humanity for more information.
  • Egans offer secondhand office furniture removal, disposal, sale and recycling services including workstation extraction and installation. Contact Egans on 9687 4488 for more information.