Detox Your Home - hazardous household waste

Leftover and unwanted chemicals and products containing hazardous materials need to be disposed of carefully.

Sustainability Victoria provides the Detox your Home program to collect and dispose of hazardous household chemicals and materials. The program includes Detox Your Home collection points and Detox your Home permanent drop off sites.

These services are free to residents from all municipalities however waste from businesses is not accepted.

Detox Your Home collection points

Detox Your Home collection points are sites around Victoria where annual drop off days occur for a wide range of hazardous household chemicals and materials including solvents, poisons, cleaning products and fertilisers to name but a few.

The full list of items accepted and not accepted can be found on Sustainability Victoria's Detox your Home web page.

Items that can be disposed of at a permanent site will not be accepted at a collection point.

There are no collection points in Moreland. The nearest collection events occur in Keilor Park, Reservoir and Epping. You must register to attend.

The full address of the collection event is provided after you register at the event locations and registration page of the Sustainability Victoria website.

Upcoming Detox Your Home collection events near Moreland

Detox Your Home permanent drop off sites

A limited range of items can be taken to a Detox Your Home permanent drop off site.

Items that will be accepted are:

  • paint
  • household batteries, and
  • fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

Any other items, including gas bottles, will not be accepted.

The nearest Detox Your Home permanent drop off sites are located at:

Sustainability Victoria survey

Sustainability Victoria is seeking your input into a short 5-minute community survey on the Detox Your Home collection service in an effort to improve the programs and services they provide to Victorian householders.