Baby goods

Good quality used and pre-loved baby and children's furniture and clothing can be donated to 3081 Angels.

3081 Angels is a service attached to the Banyule Community Health Centre. The service is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation which collects pre-loved, baby and children's furniture and clothing to give to families in need in West Heidelberg and the surrounding suburbs of  the Banyule local government area.

Items that can be donated include prams, bassinettes, cots (less than 10 years old), car seats (less than 6 years old), cot blankets and sheets, clothing and activity mats.

Items that will not be accepted include mattresses, pillows, cot bumpers, large toys and second hand baby bottles.

Please visit the 3081 Angels website or email the service directly to check whether your items can be donated.

For other goods please visit the Donations page.